Sunday 30 August 2015


Pattie Boyd has spoken about her life with George during her debut at International Beatleweek.
The model and photographer was interviewed by Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn in front of a packed ballroom at the Adelphi.
Patti Boyd at Cilla Black's funeral
It was her second visit to Liverpool in just over a week, after she attended Cilla Black’s funeral in Woolton.

And she spoke of the day, saying “I thought I was going to weep like mad, but it was so wonderful and brilliantly done....I’m sure Cilla would have been really pleased.”
The 71-year-old was a teenage model in London when she first met Beatle George Harrison on the set of A Hard Day’s Night in 1964.


She says: “I got a call from my agent to go for an interview. The usual girls were all there waiting to go in and show their photographs.
Filming A Hard Day's Night in 1964

“I recognised Dick Lester, as I’d done some TV commercials for him, and I went away thinking it was an interview for a commercial.
“I was shocked and amazed when my agent called and said I’d got a part in a Beatles’ film.”
Some scenes were shot on a train running to the West Country and back, and Boyd revealed how at the end of the day’s filming George Harrison asked her for dinner that night.

George and Pattie after they married at Epsom Register Office,1966
“I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t, I’m seeing my boyfriend’. Then he looked so crestfallen, I said ‘you can join us if you like’!”

Boyd also recalled the day a dirty, bearded tramp turned up at the door of the flat Harrison and fellow Beatle Ringo shared in Knightsbridge.
She said: “He wanted to come in and I was trying to push him out of the door, and so was Maureen (Ringo’s then girlfriend, later wife).
“Then suddenly, he started laughing and said ‘it’s me, Paul’. He tried to fox us, and he did.”
Pattie Boyd is one of a number of speakers at this year’s International Beatleweek.
They also include May Pang, photographers Bob Gruen and Paul Saltzman, 60s troubadour Donovan and pop star and Apple executive Peter Asher.

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