Sunday 20 March 2022


George Harrison used to own a McLaren F1 which is a legendary car in the automobile industry. His McLaren F1 was finished in a nice shade of Dark Purple which gave the supercar a stealthy look. Here, we have some pictures of the George’s McLaren F1. 

What is special about this McLaren F1 is that it takes some inspiration from the Hindu religion. On all four wheel hubs, an ‘Om’ symbol is present. Even the steering wheel has the same symbol. Unfortunately, we do not have pictures of the interior and the steering wheel.


There are some other special touches made to this F1 too. Harrison made Gordon Murray, creator of McLaren F1, insert idols of Lord Ganesh in various parts of the car and even between layers of carbon fibre. 

Moreover, the chassis of this F1 has Gayatri Mantra written on it. Only Gordon Murray knows where Gayatri Mantra is written. Moreover, the F1 comes with lit-up housing for a Ganesha idol between the seats.

The current owner of this McLaren F1 is Simon Kidston, a British car collector. He also owns six other McLaren F1s. All these seven F1s will be showcased at the Retromobile Paris Exhibition. 

Speaking of Harrison himself, he spent a substantial amount of time in India. He believed in the Hindu religion and believes so much that he decided to convert his religion.















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