Wednesday 16 December 2015


Ten years ago (14 december), Paul caused chaos at the Waterstones bookshop in Piccadilly by holding a special signing event to launch his much-loved children’s book 'High In The Clouds'.
Paul read the first chapter to 23 children aged between six and eight – a tough crowd even in his eyes! After the reading, Paul answered the children’s questions and handed out copies of the book to fans, some of whom had spent the evening camped outside!   

We chatted to Paul about his memories from the day:
“I remember one of the kids asking me a question, ‘How old is Wirral?’ And I thought, ‘Hmmm I don’t know!’
“It was a very difficult question! In the movie we are currently working on we’ve got him as a mid-teenager. I think back then though, on that particular day, I thought he was about seven or eight and I think it might have been because the kid asking me was about that age!
“I have since revised my opinion for the forthcoming ‘High in the Clouds’ animation film. So Wirral has grown up a bit – now he’s a teenager!”

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