Saturday 1 August 2015


The warm summer weather has officially arrived here in the UK, which seems to have resulted in our diaries being full (and our wallets empty!).

It’s important to take a moment to relax and chill out between the stream of weddings, BBQs and outdoor parties the summer months invariably bring. Many of us like to take our holidays around this time too, but if drinking from coconuts on a far away beach isn’t for you, there is another (and cheaper!) way to unwind.

We found Paul to be somewhat of an expert on this topic when we caught up with him during his ‘Out There’ tour to ask him this month’s ‘You Gave Me Answer’. The question was sent in by Grace Ann from the US, who asks: “Do you still meditate and do you think it’s had a positive effect on your life?”

Paul replied, “Yes, I think it’s great! I think it’s always very good to get a sort of still moment in your day. Whenever I have a chance in a busy schedule, I’ll do it, if I’m not rushing out the door with some crazy stuff to do. But yeah, I always like to take a moment and just meditate. It’s a good thing. I do the ‘TM’  [Transcendental Meditation] and I was lucky because I was taught personally by Maharishi.” "When you were out in India with The Beatles?"

Paul: "When we were in India, yes." "Do you still use the same mantra?"

Paul: "Yeah! You only get one. It’s good! It's very calming."

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