Tuesday 16 June 2015


The guitar created by Hofner for Paul to play at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012

Guitar company Höfner has loaned four one-off replicas of instruments used by Paul and John to the Beatles Story.
The 1964 Vintage 500/1 Bass, Paul McCartney 500/1 Backup Bass, Jubilee 500/1 Bass and the Club 40 John Lennon re-issue guitar have gone on display at the Albert Dock attraction as part of its 25th birthday celebrations.
The 1964 example of the bass is very similar to Paul McCartney’s.
Meanwhile in 2009 Höfner was commissioned by the Liverpool-born legend to produce a 500/1 Backup Bass for him, built to the same specifications as his 1963 model that he uses for all concerts and for recording.
Only two of the Backup Basses were made. One is with Sir Paul, and the other was retained by Höfner for occasional exhibiting.

Hofner replicas of some of Lennon and McCartney's most famous guitars have gone on show at the Beatles Story
Thirdly, part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations included a special concert at which Macca played. Höfner decided it would produce a Violin Bass with the Union flag sprayed on the top and offer this to him for the concert. The one spare that was created is also among the instruments on show at the Beatles Story.
Meanwhile the first electric guitar owned by John Lennon was a Höfner Club 40, bought on hire purchase from Hessy’s in Liverpool in 1959.
The fourth guitar on loan is a limited edition (120 examples) re-issue of the 1959 Club 40. All have a reproduction of Lennon’s signature on the scratchplate.
The Beatles Story’s Martin King said: “The loan by Höfner is an extremely welcome addition to the Beatles Story and the stories behind each guitar will I’m sure be familiar to Beatles fans and keen musicians world-wide.
“Our visitors will just love these. It’s particularly fitting that we have them in a few days before Paul McCartney’s 73rd birthday too.
“The fact that they’re so rare and that they will never be made again will really appeal to Beatles superfans. We’d like to thank Höfner for the loan, we are always looking to add to what we have on offer here and this is an incredible addition.”
The Höfner guitars will be on display until September 12.

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