Wednesday 10 June 2015


  • Demolition of the stadium, which opened in 1960, is 75 per cent completed 
  • Park hosted last Beatles show in 1966 and Paul McCartney closed venue 
  • Development with mall and housing planned for site when demolition done
While the Golden State Warriors strive to add to Bay Area lore by bringing back the first NBA title in 40 years to nearby Oakland, history is rapidly catching up with a San Francisco sports legend. 
Candlestick Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants and 49ers for decades, is now almost completely demolished and all fans can do is stand by, watch and mourn. 
The stadium, which was home to sports legends like Willie Mays and Joe Montana and also hosted the final Beatles concert in 1966, has been reduced to 75 per cent rubble. 

Candlestick opened in 1960 when the Giants hosted the St. Louis Cardinals and won 3-2.The 49ers moved into the park in 1971 after the park was renovated to accommodate football. 
Montana and his 49ers won four Super Bowls while they called 'The Stick' home and Montana's replacement, Steve Young, won a title while that was his home field as well. 
The Giants, who have won three World Series since moving to Pacific Bell Park, were never champions during their stay at Candlestick.

Even still, the venue still occupies a sweet spot in the hearts of many of their fans.
Paul played a concert at the park in 2014, the last official event at Candlestick. 
McCartney told the crowd: 'Thank you, San Francisco, for being cool now and for being cool back then.' 
A development with a mall and housing is planned for the site when the demolition is completed.  

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