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On this day, 17 April, 1998: At 5:04 AM (US Pacific Time), Linda McCartney dies of cancer after a three-year battle with it. She was 56.
Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, and her condition soon grew worse as it spread to her liver. She died of the disease at the McCartney family ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Her family was with her when she died.
She was cremated in Tucson, and her ashes were scattered at the McCartney farm in Sussex, England. Paul later suggested fans remember her by donating to breast cancer research charities that do not support animal testing, "or the best tribute – go veggie." A memorial service was held for her at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London, which was attended by George, Ringo, Billy Joel, Elton John, David Gilmour, Peter Gabriel and other celebrities among a congregation of 700.A memorial service was also held at Riverside Church in Manhattan, two months after her death."She was my girlfriend," McCartney said at her funeral. "I lost my girlfriend."
She left all her property to Paul, including royalties from books or records, and all rights to her photos. Paul has pledged to continue her line of vegetarian food, and to keep it free from genetically modified organisms.

The last photo:
Paul and Linda, in Romond, Switzerland in mid march 1998 to attend an exhibition of stained glass that Linda and Brian Clark had collaborated on. 

Linda Louise McCartney was an American musician, photographer, animal rights activist, entrepreneur and publisher. Prior to marrying Paul, she was a professional photographer of celebrities and contemporary musicians, with her work published in music industry magazines. Her photos were also published in the book Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era, in 1992.
Linda married McCartney in 1969 at St John's Wood Church in London.Her daughter, Heather Louise, from her first marriage to Melville See, was adopted by her new husband. Together, the McCartneys had three other children.
In 1971, after they married and following the break-up of the Beatles the previous year, Paul and Linda recorded the album Ram. Shortly afterwards, they formed the band Wings. She continued to be part of her husband's touring band following Wings' break-up in 1981 up until The New World Tour in 1993.
She was an animal rights activist and wrote and published several vegetarian cookbooks, and founded the Linda McCartney Foods company with Paul.

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