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Saturday, 25 October 2014


Shirley Bassey has announced that she will release her first album in five years 'Hello Like Before' in November to celebrate 60 years in the music industry, which will include a duet with chart-topping singer Paloma Faith.
Shirley Bassey
She has returned to the studio to record the collection of covers, which includes some of the greatest songs of the 20th century, to celebrate her stellar career spanning 60 years.
The collection has been recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London.
She remarked:"I got a couple of notes wrong originally!After 50 years I got the chance to re-record it and get it right.It was great to record it in Abbey Road, wearing a gown!".
The album will be released on November 17 - the star will cover some of her personal favourites including deluxe bonus track: 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles.

Friday, 24 October 2014


In a small chapel on the Rollins College campus Thursday, students were inspired by a music legend.
Paul spoke to students at the Winter Park college.Rollins College Public Relations said McCartney requested Knowles Chapel because it was an intimate setting.

"He walked down and I'm like 'oh my goodness. It's Paul McCartney'," said Lillian Carter.

The school held a lottery for students to get tickets to the event. Of the 3,200 students at Rollins, only 600 won tickets.

Students who got to see The Beatles alumnus said he talked about his early days in the music business, working with the other Beatles.
"Talking about how he got started in it and singing and his relationship with Ringo Starr," said Adam Bermudez.

"He talked about writing with John [Lennon] and how sometimes you just need another opinion," Carter said.
We're told McCartney also sang "Blackbird."
Paul was asked to come by Billy Collins, the famous poet. Collins isn't a professor but he gives lectures at the college.
School leaders described the event as a conversation with students about lyrics, poetry, music and the creative process.

"A lot of life advice," Amy Zdon said McCartney imparted. "Like if you are in the creative process, keep trying."
Several students said their parents were jealous.
"I know my parents were so pumped that I got to go because they are huge Beatles fans and Paul fans and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever," said Katie Wookey.

Most students we talked to said they left inspired and touched by his words.
"He said keep trying and trying and trying and never give up," Bermudez said.
This isn't his first visit to Rollins College. He also visited the campus in September 2011. His stepson attends the school.

Paul also was in Orlando in May 2013 when he kicked off the North American leg of his "Out There" tour in Orlando with two shows at the Amway Center.
After the talk at Rollins College McCartney and family had dinner at Luma on Park.


Joe Franklin received personal letter in 1971, in which the ex-Beatle tried to convince the talk show host to listen to his wife's 'far out' solo album, 'Fly.'

John's handwritten 1971 note to New York TV talk show icon Joe Franklin, passionately promoting his wife Yoko Ono's music, has landed on the auction block.
"It's far out," John wrote about Yoko's music, "but don't let it frighten you."
And contrary to what the auctioneers assert, Franklin says it didn't.
"Yoko was on my show nine times," Franklin said Monday. "John Lennon was on three times. Yoko was only with him one of those times.
"Part of his whole thing was to convince her to be confident enough to do it on her own."
RR Auction in Massachusetts is offering the two-page letter, in which Lennon discusses the music on Yoko's new solo album "Fly."

The RR release on the auction, which includes some 500 items and runs through Oct. 23, said his tacit pitch didn't work, because "It does not appear they ever appeared on Franklin's show."
But they did, says Franklin. He says he received two handwritten letters from John, who was a fan of the show, and that he was happy to have both of them on.
John's letter begins by appealing to Franklin's own musical taste.
"I know you're a musician at heart!" Lennon wrote, "and especially I know you dig jazz. Well, Yoko's music ain't quite jazz but to help you get off on it, or understand it, please listen to a track on the 'Yoko/Ono/Plastic Ono Band,' called 'AOS,' which was recorded in 1968 (pre Lennon/Beatles!) with Ornette Coleman at Albert Hall London.
"You could call it free form, anyway Yoko sits in the middle of avante-garde, classic, jazz-and now through me and my music-rock 'n' roll!"

Andrew Joe Franklin shows off his massive record collection in 1997
"On the new album 'Fly' the experiment goes a step 'further'-free form music-with robot musicians! (not computer-electronic-)-check the inside of Fly double-album for info and photo of the 'musicians.'
"Of course Yoko can explain her music better in person, this is a kind of introduction. For something rather more 'straight,' a track called 'Mrs. Lennon' on 'Fly' is an example of her more conservative side! She was trained as a classical musician, and took music composition in Sarah Lawrence College as her major."
John added a thumbnail sketch of himself and Yoko.
"Fly" did not sell well, and Yoko's music was widely criticized at the time. As time has passed, she has been better regarded as an experimental artist of the era.
"This letter shows how proud John was of Yoko and how he believed in her as a multitalented artist," says Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction.
RR estimates the John letter could sell for $15,000 to $20,000.


"We’ve got to know George tremendously well now. He’s given us a lot of help with our singing and everything, even in the music business as well as musical things.
You learn by his mistakes. His experience in the business. What better teacher could you have?
He’s a real genuine guy. He even gave us a couple of guitars, the ones he played at the Bangla Desh concert. No matter how much money I ever make I wouldn’t part with that.
George is happy with it [‘Costafine Town’]. He’s been jiving and clapping his hands to it. I don’t think he would have released it if he wasn’t happy with it. He’s done a production on it which reflects our style and we’re more grateful for that than if he had wanted the big Phil Spector b-boom.
He’s a perfectionist. If he’s not happy with it, he’ll get in and do it again. You get very conscious. And he says, the harder you try, the better you try to do it.
I hope I’m into music still as much as he is when I’ve been in it as long as he has. He’s very patient. That’s one of the things that impressed me most. He goes out of his way to understand your moods, to understand you as a person.
He gets right underneath you and pulls the best out of you. If he gets out the wrong side of the bed, he won’t come in. If he can’t get it together he won’t try at all."
—  Bob Purvis of Splinter on George Harrison, Melody Maker, 31 August 1974
The History of Splinter

In 1970,Splinter were a duo, Bill Elliott and Bobby Purvis, who caught the attention of George Harrison in the early seventies through Mal Evans. Harrison initially wanted them to record their debut album for Apple Records, but when that company was going through struggles, Harrison signed them to his own Dark Horse Records in 1973.
They released their first album "The Place I Love" in 1974 and then recorded five albums in total before dissolving in 1984 and slipping into obscurity. "The Place I Love" was produced by George Harrison and features his guitar playing and other duties on every track under a variety of pseudonyms.
Backup and guest musicians also includes: Alvin Lee, Billy Preston, Gary Wright, Jim Keltner and Klaus Voorman.

The upshot of all this was that Apple wanted the singer (Bill Elliott) and the songwriter (Bob Purvis), but they would not buy into the group. Mal got Bill Elliott a job singing 'God Save Oz' (which was changed to 'God Save Us'), a John Lennon & Yoko Ono song, for the benefit of Oz magazine. Bill handled the song really well, but it was a very controversial issue and he didn't get a fair crack at it [chart success]. There were rumours he was in line for another song, but nothing came of this. Half Breed changed its name, for one week, to the Elastic Oz Band and went on tour in Scotland promoting the song. Bill was still loyal to the band, but on their return, it was obvious that something was wrong. Mal Evans wanted to take Bill & Bob under his wing & manage them, however, they already had a manager in Rob Hill.
Eventually, in mid-1971, Rob, Bill & Bob decided to get a whole new band together. The band was called Truth. Now everyone seemed far happier because Truth was a far tighter band with professional musicians. Bob carried on as a songwriter while Bill took over the lead vocals. For the next six months, Truth played continuous gigs and to Bill & Bob, the band was a breath of fresh air. The Truth was out there! However, things changed again when Bob Purvis decided to leave the band to their own devices and strike out on his own career as a singer/songwriter.

Bob moved down to London in July, 1972, and Mal Evans became his manager. He worked with Tony Visconti making demos and wrote songs with Mike Gibbins of Badfinger. Bob married Marilyn, his girlfriend of two years, on July 29, 1972; they had a basement flat near Hampstead Heath for a few months and to make ends meet, he also did a bit of session singing to make a few quid. It was also in these months that Rob Hill, Bob's ex-manager and lifelong friend, came to stay, along with his girlfriend Anne. Rob was still Bill's manager and suggested that the two of them should get back together. (Rob eventually became Splinter's manager and, it is fair to say, without him Splinter would never have happened). Bill had been very disillusioned with music and life at this time. He was also missing Yvonne, his girlfriend, who was living abroad. His band Truth wasn't going the way he had planned, and for awhile he thought about giving it up altogether. Bob Purvis knew that with Bill on-board, prospects would be better. It had worked in the beginning, and it could work now. Bill & Bob never had to try too hard to sing together; they naturally complemented each other. One would take the harmony, one would take the lead and vice-versa. It would be hard to tell them apart on record, but Bob admits that Bill had the most amazing country singing and ballad voice and Bob's songwriting would be tapered with this in mind. Bob was also a natural singer, but Bill really kept him on his toes, so it was agreed that there would be no-one but Bill -- no bands with massive egos or hangers-on who came along for the milk and honey. Splinter was the name and together, they were the perfect match.
Splinter were about songs and singing; they both sang and both wrote. Bob played 12-string guitar and Bill played mouth organ. Things quickly moved and in the next few months they were offered deals by Tony Visconti, Threshold Records (label for The Moody Blues) and Apple. Apple wanted the duo to appear in a John Hurt, David Warner film called 'Little Malcolm and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs.' The song they were going to record was a Cat Stevens song called 'How Can I Tell You', but when they heard a song that Mal Evans and Bob Purvis wrote called 'Another Chance That I Let Go' (which eventually turned into 'Lonely Man' and was featured on their second album, 'Harder to Live'), they used the song as the theme music. 'Lonely Man' is the only song Bob and Mal ever wrote together, but Bob is quick to point out that Mal wrote some very good lyrics on this piece. George Harrison of The Beatles liked the song and wanted to hear more. Splinter signed-up with George and Dark Horse Records (distributed by A&M) in 1973 and made their first album ('The Place I Love') in which Bob recalled: "We both sang our hearts out. It took over a year to make the album and we are both very, very proud to be associated with such a great man and a fine album."
Splinter released 2 more albums for Dark Horse between 1975-1977. In 1977, Bob Purvis won "Tokyo Song Of The Year" for "Love Is Not Enough". After their American and British popularity waned, the duo focused their attention on Japan, where they were immensely popular, touring 4 times and releasing 2 albums and various single releases for Columbia Records (Japan) from 1978-1981. Most of these records were exclusive releases for the Japanese market only and are extremely hard to find today. Finally, with no record companies interested in them anymore, they split up in December 1984 and haven't seen each other or talked to each other since... until recently. Bob Purvis re-emerged as a performer and composer, helping a British cancer research charity in 1996, and touring for one year in 1999 as Splinter 2 with a new partner. Bill Elliott now resides in Portugal with his family.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Paul also reveals that he has twerked with Katy Perry

Paul took to Twitter last night to answer fans’ questions ahead of his upcoming Wings reissues.

Using the #askPaul hashtag, fielded questions on a variety of topics, including his favourite TV shows (Veep and Family Feud), his Halloween costume of choice (dressing up as Alice Cooper allegedly) and whether he has ever been starstruck (he has, while meeting Bob Dylan).

A particular highlight came when a fan asked what his favourite gig was, one that he attended but didn't participate in. His reply was Kanye West and Jay Z's 'Watch The Throne' tour.
Paul also revealed that the last time he twerked was with Katy Perry and that Perry was "rather good at it".


There are only two Beatles left on this planet, and Tuesday night one of them was in Fort Lauderdale (october 21).
If you've ever seen Paul live, you know what an unforgettable experience that is. Even at seventy-two years of age, Paul still belts out three hour performances, playing all the hits that pull at your heartstrings.
There was no Paul in sight last night, Ringo was the only Beatle in town,offering a different kind of show. Less rock and roll, more Vegas lounge act. For the last 25 years, Ringo has toured with a rotating cast of musicians, creating supergroups from throughout rock history. The 2014 edition dubbed the thirteenth All-Starr Band showcased Todd Rundgren on guitar, Mr. Mister's Richard Page on bass, Toto's Steve Lukather on lead guitar, and Santana's Greg Rolie on keyboard

The band backs Ringo on all of his songs including his Beatles tracks "Yellow Submarine," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Don't Pass Me By," and "With A Little Help From My Friends." Then the man himself steps back and takes the drums while the other All-Starrs get their moment in the spotlight singing the songs that made them rich.
Beatlemaniacs might at first be upset they didn't get to spend the entire evening focusing solely on Ringo, but it only takes a few songs to remember he never was a frontman. He's still got the charm, wit, and personality that made him the Beatle who received the most fan letters, but he's pretty one dimensional as a singer and only has one move as a dancer. It's swinging his arms back and forth in a happy-go-lucky manner, if you were wondering.

While it would have been nice to hear "Octopus's Garden" and "What Goes On," the real thrill was seeing the 74-year-old Ringo still spry on the drum set hitting the hi hats exactly how he did in all those grainy Ed Sullivan clips.
The All Starrs were solid with the musical highlight being the jam during "Black Magic Woman" when Ringo took a break and we all felt the cocaine flashbacks induced by Mr. Mister songs "Kyrie" and "Broken Wings." Todd Rundgren inflicted massive doses of irony on his three songs, which could be an acquired taste.

Steve Lukather could have chilled out a bit with his guitar solo obsession. His noodling intrusion on the simple perfection of "With A Little Help From My Friends" was borderline sacrilegious, but not even that could break the smile on your face realizing you're in the same room with Ringo singing, "I just need someone to love."

"It Don't Come Easy"
"I Saw the Light"
"Evil Ways"
"Bang the Drum All Day"
"Don't Pass Me By"
"Yellow Submarine"
"Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen"
"Honey Don't"
"You Are Mine"
"Oye Como Va"
"Love Is the Answer"
"I Wanna Be Your Man"
"Broken Wings"
"Hold the Line"
"Act Naturally"
"With a Little Help from My Friends"
"Give Peace a Chance"


Ringo: "Excellent 2nd last show in Melbourne, FL.... Last show today in Clearwater, FL.....
Peace and Love

Ringo and his All Starr Band continued his 2014 tour of North America with a concert in Melbourne, FL, USA. 

Ringo and "Don´t Pass Me By"

  1. Matchbox
  2. It Don't Come Easy
  3. Wings
  4. I Saw the Light
  5. Evil Ways
  6. Rosanna
  7. Kyrie
  8. Bang the Drum All Day
  9. Boys
  10. Don't Pass Me By
  11. Yellow Submarine
  12. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
  13. Honey Don't
  14. Anthem
  15. You Are Mine
  16. Africa
  17. Oye como va
  18. Love Is the Answer
  19. I Wanna Be Your Man
  20. Broken Wings
  21. Hold the Line
  22. Photograph
  23. Act Naturally
  24. With a Little Help from My Friends
    Give Peace a Chance

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


The annual Wheely Good Time charity event just added a new auction prize that is sure to generate plenty bids — a chance to meet the legendary former Beatle Paul McCartney - See more at: annual Wheely Good Time charity event just added a new auction prize that is sure to generate plenty bids — a chance to meet the legendary former Beatle Paul McCartney - See more at:
It’s a win-win night Saturday at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Even if guests don’t go home with the newly announced chance-of-a-lifetime grand prize, all will have contributed to help kids in need of a little good fortune. 
 Madeline Robinson and event organizers have been drumming up support for the “Wheely Good Time” fundraiser for months now, but the growing function just got a lot bigger late last week. Robinson, the executive director of Tarpon Springs nonprofit organization Wheelchairs 4 Kids, announced that the event’s silent auction will now include a meet-and-greet with Paul McCartney.

“Needless to say I was showing my phone to everybody,” Robinson said with a laugh about seeing the confirmation email she received last Friday. “The biggest thrill is that Sir Paul McCartney agreed to do this for us. That’s really humbling.” The mission of Wheelchairs 4 Kids is right there in its name and Saturday’s event has become integral in the organization helping as many kids as possible. “It’s going to be great,” Robinson said. “It’s our fourth annual Wheely Good Time and it’s our biggest fundraiser of the year to help us help more kids. All of our sponsors have covered all the costs, so every penny that’s big is going to help the kids.” The meet-and-greet with McCartney also includes two tickets to a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Oct. 30. That show is the last of his stops in the United States before heading to South America. Travel arrangements and expenses are not included in the package. To open the silent auction to as many people as possible, contestants don’t even need to be present, Robinson said. 

It can be done online by registering at In addition to the grand prize, guests taking part in Saturday’s auction items include a Park City, Utah ski trip, Carnival Cruise trip, Southwest Airline tickets, a trip to Switzerland and more. Tickets to attend the Wheely Good Time fundraiser are $50 per person, which includes a free cocktail, premium hors d’oeuvres, a goody bag and drawings. 
To learn more about the event, tickets and the Paul meet-and-greet, call (727) 946-0963.


A LEATHER jacket owned and worn by John Lennon is expected to fetch between £20,000 and £30,000 when it goes under the hammer in Newbury next Thursday.
The unique, unbranded, lined black leather jacket was purchased by Mr Lennon when he and The Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney were in New York opening the new Apple Offices in 1968.

In 1973, Mr Lennon gave the jacket to his percussionist friend Bleu Ocean – former member of ‘The Lower East Side Gang’.
Mr Ocean sold the jacket to the present owner in 1996.
The jacket has been acknowledged by the John Lennon Estate to be in free circulation and is sold with a letter of provenance from Mr Ocean and endorsed to the reverse to the present owner ‘Love And Luck Yoko Ono 98′.
It shows signs of general use, with belt and some popper studs missing and two seam splits to the lower back.
Mr Lennon has been photographed wearing the jacket, one occasion being on ‘The Beatles Mad Day Out’, July 28 1969 at The Mercury Theatre in Notting Hill Gate, London.
It will be auctioned by Special Auction Services


  • Widow of John Lennon visited the town for the Folkestone Triennial event
  • Painter and artist says she thinks the town has 'this amazing energy'
  • Folkestone is currently staging an exhibition about the First World War

Liverpool is always very special to me because of John, and I love London, of course. But now I have added Folkestone to my list of special places. It's very surprising to me!
I was invited to visit because I have artworks in the Folkestone Triennial 2014.
I thought I was coming to a sleepy little town, but I found this amazing energy, so much activity - a kind of spiritual rising.
It's not just a beautiful place; it also has an incredible history linked to the First World War.A
I went to pay my respects at the new Memorial Arch, and I think it's so powerful.
It was dedicated by Prince Harry in August to the fallen soldiers and nurses who walked down Remembrance Road to the harbour to go to war. There are crocheted red poppies on the railings lining the road, and it's very moving.
All the artworks from the Triennial are placed around the town, and they are part of daily life, instead of being a show in a museum. So you see them when you're shopping or walking on your way to work, it's very casual.
Folkestone is a town that wants the world to know that it likes art, that it is sensitive to art, and I wanted to promote that idea. I am invited to art events around the world, but I wanted to go to Folkestone because I believe in localisation, and I wanted to wave the flags for them. 

I made Earth Peace, one of my installations, to acknowledge the debt owed to those who died in the wars of the last century. The words are on a billboard by the railway station, and on a flag at the Grand hotel. There is also a light spelling out 'Earth Peace' in Morse code.
I wanted to acknowledge the soldiers who died in the First World War.

I saw old photos of them in a wonderful exhibition, Folkestone During The War, organised by the local History Society. I had gone to the Folkestone Library to see my other installation, Skyladder 2014, and when I went up the stairs I discovered the exhibition.
I learned that, during the First World War, the people of Folkestone took in 115,000 Belgian refugees who arrived by boat and were welcomed and treated very well. It was much more than double the population - how did they manage? That was quite something in those days. I found it moving.
In fact I was welcomed here myself once before, in 1966. It was the year I met John, and I came to the Metropole Arts Centre for what they now call performance art. It was very avant-garde and I didn't think anybody would understand it, but people here showed me smiles, and that was a sign for me.
There is something special about a town by the water. The sea air is very good for your health.
John's Aunt Mimi used to live at the seaside. When John became halfway successful, he bought a beautiful house for her at Poole in Dorset, overlooking the ocean.
As a child in Japan, I had a very special situation, because my mother had a summer house at the seaside in Kamakura. Now I live in New York, but Manhattan is an island, surrounded by water.
In Folkestone, there is a wonderful fish restaurant, Rocksalt, where I had a fabulous squid lunch. The setting by the harbour is amazing.
Visit Folkestone… it could cleanse your spirit.


Paul has just confirmed he will be getting back #OutThere to perform his most intimate show in Brazil to date!
Wednesday 12th November – HSBC Arena – Rio de Janeiro


Fans can purchase pre-sale tickets through Pre-sale tickets for Rio will go on sale at 12pm (local / 3pm BST) today, Wednesday 22nd October. Fans are advised to come to the website shortly before the pre-sale begins to obtain the link and password.
------A limited number of pre-sale tickets are still available for Paul's gig in Brasilia on 23th November! Get yours now by clicking HERE:
Uma quantidade limitada de ingressos está disponível para o show de Paul em Brasília, no dia 23 de Novembro!
Garanta o seu agora clicando AQUI:

Check for full details...
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