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Friday, 18 April 2014


URUGUAY : Paul McCartney llega a Uruguay. Y directamente se dirigió junto con Nancy Shevell al Hotel Sofitel (hace pocos minutos). Saludará a los fans en algunos momentos.

Sigue la cobertura desde Montevideo Uruguay ....   AQUI 


Paul is wearing an "Eat No Fish" t-shirt for the campaign by charity PETA
Paul is encouraging people to try a vegetarian meal rather than the traditional fish option this Good Friday.
The former Beatle, who is wearing an "Eat No Fish" t-shirt for the campaign by charity PETA, said: "Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised, I am killing him – all for the passing pleasure it brings me. And something inside me clicked.
“I realised as I watched him fight for breath that his life was as important to him as mine is to me.”
To order PETA's free vegan starter kit go to

Thursday, 17 April 2014



In the days leading up to Easter,  Paul will appear in an online PETA blitz wearing an Eat No Fish T-shirt and urging fans to “make it a Good Friday for animals – try vegetarian”.
Paul McCartney's Easter CampaignPaul McCartney's Easter Campaign

Paul’s Good Friday message references a holy day when many Christians traditionally replace meat from land animals with fish.

Paul, who was raised a Catholic, says: “Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised, ‘I am killing him – all for the passing pleasure it brings me’. And something inside me clicked, I realised as I watched him fight for breath that his life was as important to him as mine is to me”.

The campaign comes on the heels of pro-vegetarian biblical messages in Darren Aronofsky's worldwide number one smash film, Noah, in which the (digital) animals are protected from ravenous marauders.


‘I was nearly in The Beatles,’ he says. ‘I was The Beatles drummer, but I broke my arm in the Scouts.’
We’re talking about life’s ‘if onlys’ when Mike McCartney drops his astonishing bombshell. He hates the word ‘if’.
‘It’s the most stupid, little two-letter word in the world,’ he says. ‘Why have the word? If that bird [he points to a crane flying past his home in the Wirral] came crashing through the window and put its beak into your neck, you’d be dead.’
Which is true, but not very likely, so I don’t think it’s on account of random birds smashing into windows Mike has such an antipathy for the word.
Mike, now 70, is the lesser-known brother of that very famous McCartney, Sir Paul. He also had a crack at showbusiness, and has a gold disc to show for his efforts on the wall of his home.
Famous brothers: Mike and Paul McCartney in 1974  Mike and Paul in 1974
The framed disc is for Lily The Pink, a silly party song he released with his group, The Scaffold, in 1968, which went to number one for four weeks, earning him enough cash to buy this house.
Paul, of course, has platinum discs and awards lining the walls of his swanky headquarters in London’s Soho Square. Not to mention homes all over the world, staff and... well, let’s just say, as Mike unloads the dishwasher in his modest kitchen, you can’t help wondering whether he wakes in the night thinking, ‘if’. Or, ‘if only I’d joined my brother’s band...’
Then Mike lobs in his hand grenade of a confession. ‘I was nearly in The Beatles,’ he says. ‘I was The Beatles drummer, but I broke my arm in the Scouts.’ Hang on, Mike. Rewind. You were a Beatle?
‘It was when John [Lennon] used to come to the house in Forthlin Road with The Quarrymen, before George [Harrison] was even there. I broke my arm at camp and it affected the nerves that control the wrist. They were dead.
‘I had to have electric shocks and hot stuff put on my arm to get the nerves back. For a couple of years, I had to wear a support strap with a wire.
‘It’s back to that word. If I hadn’t broken my arm, I’d have been a Beatle. But I did break my arm and I’m not a Beatle. You always have to deal in reality, not dreams.’ Crikey. He has never spoken about this humongous ‘if only’ before.
Mike is a hugely proud man. So much so, that when he tried his hand at showbiz with The Scaffold, as Beatlemania was beginning to rip through the country, he changed his surname to McGear.
‘The Beatles were getting so famous, being called McCartney was like being Presley or Sinatra,’ he says. ‘If I’d gone on being McCartney, it would have seemed that I was cashing in. I couldn’t do that.’
As boys: The brothers playing together in 1948  The brothers playing together in 1948
Such is Mike’s pride, he has never gone cap in hand to his brother. Despite being so hard up, at times, that he couldn’t buy shoes for his kids, Mike has only been bailed out by Paul once — eight years ago, when he was maliciously and wrongly accused of sexual assault.
‘His wealth is his, not mine, so why wish for it?’ he says. ‘It’s that “if” again. Why do you want something you can’t have? Paul and I have an uncle, Harry. He’s a carpenter. He had all he wanted: my aunt, carpentry, a pint on the way home, having tea and going to bed.
‘I didn’t understand it for years, but he had contentment. He didn’t want any more. There’s the rest of the world, looking for fame, money — and there’s a simple man who doesn’t want any more. How profound is that? How extraordinary.’
Paul and Mike were as thick as thieves growing up, particularly following their mother Mary’s sudden death from breast cancer, when Paul was just 14 and Mike 12.
‘We were the original Fab Four, Mum, Dad, Paul and me,’ says Mike. ‘When she died, I blamed everyone, including God, until I slowly worked out why she died. I think the reason was for us to learn from her death and treasure every second of life.
‘Dad bought me a banjo and Paul a Spanish guitar after she died. He used to play the piano, which gave him a way of escaping the poverty of his childhood. So, we began playing.
‘If Mum hadn’t died, there wouldn’t have been a musical existence for me or my brother. She’d have wanted us to go into the professions. I guess that was fate or luck. Mum’s death is not what you want, but Paul and I had an affinity with that.
‘We had an affinity with John, who lost his mum, too. Only people who have had death forced upon them like that understand. It’s the things you don’t say.’
Paul met John Lennon in the summer of 1957, when he was playing with The Quarrymen at a fete. Paul joined his band and they began rehearsing in the McCartneys’ front room at 20 Forthlin Road. Mike, then 13, soon moved from the banjo to the drums.
Sir Paul McCartney pictured in 2013. His brother Mike said the pair were exceptionally close when growing up
Paul in 2013. His brother Mike said the pair were exceptionally close when growing up
‘I remember doing the drum test with my brother,’ he says. ‘I’d say, “Walk down the street and see how far you get before you don’t hear me. I started to bash the drums and, apparently, he could still hear me a few blocks away. With drumming, you’re either a natural or you’re not.’
By which, I take this modest man to mean, he was. Two summers later, Mike was at Scout camp, near Sheffield, when he broke the humerus in his left arm. Today, it’s noticeably weaker than his right. ‘I was on a cliff on a zip wire, getting logs up to the camp. The wire was released too fast and I went into a tree,’ he says.
Mike was in hospital for a month, his arm raised on pulleys. When the cast was removed, the nerves were found to be severely damaged. He needed physiotherapy for several years. His days as a drummer were done. I tell him I can’t imagine how devastated he must have been. He shrugs. ‘That was reality.’
How did he feel when schoolmate George Harrison joined the group, followed by drummer Pete Best, later replaced by Ringo Starr, and the group became megastars? ‘It was fantastic,’ he says. ‘We were Liverpool working-class. You imagine you’re going nowhere and, suddenly, you have this option of doing something you love. That, if you had no hope, is extraordinary, unbelievable, crazy.’
Mike might be the lesser-known McCartney, but he did, for 20 years, achieve success in his own right. We meet in his comfortable home, looking out on the River Dee, as he tours his funny, nostalgic one-man show, Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll (I Wish!).
From Left - Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr hold up their MBE awards following their investiture on October 26, 1965 at Buckingham Palace
MBE awards following their investiture on October 26, 1965 at Buckingham Palace
With a leg-up from his brother, who introduced him to Beatles manager Brian Epstein, Mike formed satirical sketch group The Scaffold in 1962.
There was, however, ‘not much sex, practically no drugs’. That 1968 number one was preceded by another top-ten ‘silly, singalong song’, Thank You Very Much. They even made it to Top Of The Pops.
‘We got to record with mega famous people like Jimi Hendrix and we got chauffeurs and posh hotels like our kid,’ he says. ‘We actually did rather well.’ I begin to realise Mike isn’t being defensive. He’s thoroughly enjoyed his life. ‘I wouldn’t change a minute of it.’ He means every word.

Mike gave up showbusiness in 1982 when The Scaffold disbanded, and his first marriage to Angela Fishwick, with whom he had three daughters, ended. Mike won custody of the girls, now in their 40s.
‘She fell out of love and ran off with fellas and left me with three girls.’ Was he faithful? ‘Absolutely. It’s the way you’re made. It’s the way you’re brought up. I got out of showbusiness as I wanted the children to have stability. This house was their rock.’
Paul, he says, was a huge support during this time, as he was during the difficult times life threw at his brother. They’ve spent Christmases together since Paul’s second marriage to Heather Mills ended in 2008.
Mike has known all three of Paul’s wives — Linda Eastman, who he married in 1969, and who died in 1998, Heather Mills who he married in 2002 and divorced amid financial wrangling, and Nancy Shevell, who he married nearly three years ago.
‘I was best man at his weddings to Linda and Heather. When he married Nancy, James [Paul’s son] was best man because he’d grown up. Paul’s so very happy now.’ Mike, too. He has been happily married to wife Rowena for 33 years and has three boys — Josh, 31, Max, 26 and Sonny, 23.
After leaving The Scaffold, Mike began working as a photographer. Today, some of his work hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. ‘That’s when I changed my name back,’ he says. ‘McGear was an uncomfortable coat you wore for showbusiness purposes, but this is my proud, family name.’
On stage: Paul McCartney and George Harrison perform to adoring fans in 1964
On stage: Paul McCartney and George Harrison perform to adoring fans in 1964
It’s a name, though, that was shamefully — and unfairly — dragged through the gutter in 2006, when Mike stood trial for sexual abuse.
‘You asked me did my brother help me [financially]. He did then and, without that help, I don’t know what would have happened,’ he says. ‘I call it the bum rap,’ he continues, trying to find humour where there is none.
Mike was at a 60th birthday party, when a young girl accused him of ‘touching up her bum’. His wife and mother-in-law were present. So ridiculous was the false accusation, the judge threw the case out, insisting the prosecution meet Mike’s £200,000 legal costs, funded by Paul.
‘It was hell for two years,’ says Mike. ‘I understand what these poor b****rs are going through now.’ He is referring to the current spate of celebrities being charged with historical sexual allegations.
‘I blame the CPS because they’re out of control, in my opinion. To have the reality of your life taken out of control like that, to have it printed, and you’re screaming inside, saying, “This is wrong. I didn’t do it.”
‘Can you imagine having those horrible sexual things against my proud, family name? Paul understood. The first thing he said was, “She’s going for you because of me. That’s why this is happening. I’m so sorry.”’
He pauses, then says, ‘You could look at this another way. If I hadn’t broken my arm, if I had joined The Beatles, maybe we’d have ended up fighting like Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis. So, it’s fortuitous and lucky I didn’t join. I have a nice, close, stable relationship with my brother.’
Which is something he wouldn’t change for all the ‘ifs’ in the world.
  • Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll (I Wish!) is at the Ambassadors Theatre on May 7 at 7.30pm. For tickets, call 08448112334 or visit


El grupo llegó hoy a Montevideo. Ya se encuentran hospedados, salieron por las inmediaciones del Hotel para ver lugares muy cercanos, y tuvieron contacto con algunos fans.
Brian Ray manifestó:

"Hola Uruguay!! Como están? Ready to rumble in your fine city soon~ Who's coming?"
 Beatles Magazine está cubriendo toda la "Out There" Tour, pueden seguirla desde ... AQUI


La División Tránsito y Transporte de la Intendencia de Montevideo dispuso la realización de operativos especiales en inmediaciones del estadio Centenario, con motivo del recital del músico británico.

El objetivo prioritario es minimizar las dificultades en la circulación general del entorno tanto previamente como a la finalización del recital y, principalmente, lograr una jornada sin accidentes de tránsito.

Viernes 18 – Ensayo general
Zona de Exclusión - (corte hora 11)
Se aplicará en el entorno directo del estadio Centenario, Vidiella entre Ricaldoni y Benzano.
No se descarta la posibilidad de ampliar la zona de exclusión si fuere necesario, lo que implicará el cierre total de Benzano, de Ricaldoni (lado soca) a Ricaldoni (lado Cataluña) y la senda oeste de Ricaldoni entre Av. Italia y A. Navarro (incluida la Av. Vidiela).

Sábado 19
Zona de Exclusión - (corte hora 10)
(Scarone, Mérola, pque. Batlle, Benzano, Ricaldoni, Cataluña, Navarro, Ricaldoni, Quintela, Av. Italia)

Vehículos en general – Ricaldoni circulando desde Navarro hacia Av. Italia exclusivamente para descenso de asistentes, NO se permitirá el estacionamiento.

Taxis y Remises - Por Av. R. Benzano, exclusivamente para descenso de asistentes, NO se permitirá el estacionamiento.

Accesos Peatonales:
Av. Ramón Benzano y Av. L. Mérola.
Av. Ramón Benzano y Cataluña.
Ricaldoni y Vidiella
Ricaldoni y A. Navarro
Ómnibus de Excursiones y Turismo – Cuentan con espacio de estacionamiento reservado en Av. Dr. L. Morquio, entre Bvar. Artigas y A. Ricaldoni; donde exclusivamente realizarán el descenso y ascenso a la salida de los asistentes.

Salidas de Emergencia – Av. Federico Vidiella, Av. R. Benzano, Av. A. Ricaldoni.

Estacionamiento vehículos particulares – Ricaldoni y todo el entorno
En estas amplias avenidas se realizará en ángulo con el cordón, de esa forma se aumentan las plazas disponibles.
Estacionamiento Vip – Av. Vidiella frente a la tribuna América.
Tarea de los guinches y playa de custodia.
El servicio de guinche, atenderá solamente las denuncias de obstrucción de entradas de garaje y alguna situación, que determinen los encargados del servicio.
Los vehículos que sean guinchados, serán trasladados a la playa de custodia que se dispondrá en Brito del Pino entre Av. Fco. Soca y Av. A. Ricaldoni.
Los inspectores que estén en los guinches, de constatar un vehículo obstruyendo una entrada de garaje, consultarán en la finca si es el propietario antes de actuar.

Líneas 76 – 192 – 316 (hacia afuera):
Ricaldoni – Cataluña – Navarro – Ricaldoni a su ruta.
Líneas 76 – 192 – 316 (hacia Pta. Carretas)
Centenario – Avda. Italia – Ricaldoni – Soca a su ruta.
Líneas 494 – 495 – 186 – 185 – 191 – 143:
Centenario – Av. Italia – Ricaldoni – Cataluña a su ruta.
Línea 174:
Av. Italia – Centenario a su ruta.
Líneas 328 – 329:
Albo – Ricaldoni – Cataluña – a su ruta.

A – Estacionamiento – Av. Italia acera Norte, desde A- Centenario a Las Heras

Línea Destino
✓ 370 Cerro.
✓ G La Paz.
✓ 121 Plaza Independencia.
✓ 192 Manga / Pque. Rodó
✓ 328 Punta Carretas.
✓ 183 Pocitos
✓ 14 Pocitos // Pza. Independencia.
✓ 329 Melilla.
✓ 112 Plaza Independencia.
✓ 151 Verdisol
✓ 128 Paso De la Arena
✓ 145 Complejo América.
✓ 163 Paso de la Arena.
✓ 546 Belvedere
✓ 526 Complejo América.
✓ Ruta 5

B – Estacionamiento – Av Italia acera Sur, desde Ricaldoni a Las Heras

Línea Destino
✓ 21 Parque Roosevelt.
✓ 60 Portones.
✓ 300 Instrucciones.
✓ C4 Parque del Plata.
✓ 214 Pinar.

C – Estacionamiento – Av. Centenario acera Sureste, desde Av. Italia a B. Foresti

Línea Destino
✓ 2 Saint Bois.
✓ 185 Casabó.
✓ 182 Paso Molino.
✓ 174 Aviación.
✓ 316 Km 16.
✓ 103 Km. 23
✓ 105 Geant.
✓ COPSA Camino Maldonado.

Terminales Provisorias los coches podrán arribar hasta la hora 22.
Taxis – Estacionamiento – Av. Italia entre M. Albo y Ricaldoni la cooperativa COTELPA estará a cargo de la realización de la parada.
Ómnibus de Turismo – Estacionamiento – Av. Dr. Luis Morquio entre Bvar Artigas y Ricaldoni


This is "The Japan Box" to commemorate the Beatles 50th anniversary 5 Jap Beatles albums (1964 to 1965) will be issued on CD in June by Universal Music Japan. Limited edition.
the set are “Meet The Beatles,” “The Beatles Second Album,” “A Hard Day's Night,” “Help!” and “The Beatles No. 5.” The track lists for each were unique to Japan. 


Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Paul will headline a concert at the United Spirit Arena in Lubbock Saturday, June 14. Texas Tech President Duane Nellis made the announcement Wednesday morning.
Tickets to the general public go on sale 10 a.m. Central time Friday, April 25. Price points are $59.50, $89.50, $165 and $250. American Express card members can buy tickets beginning 10 a.m. Monday, April 21.

Wednesday's announcement was at the Buddy Holly Center. Holly is the reason McCartney will be playing on the South Plains.
"I don't think it's an overstatement to say this is a historic day in Lubbock," Mayor Glen Robertson said. "That we have Paul McCartney reaching out, requesting to put on a concert in Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly."
Paul, who will turn 72 this year, is one of the two surviving members of the Beatles, along with Ringo Starr. McCartney has credited Buddy Holly and the Crickets as being pivotal in his development as an artist his entire music career. As he once put it, "If it wasn't for the Crickets, there wouldn't be any Beatles." He produced and narrated a documentary about his music hero, "The Real Buddy Holly Story," in 1985. The former Beatle still owns the rights to Holly's music catalogue.

John Lennon said when they formed The Beatles, they all liked The Crickets and thought the name was unique because of the animal and the sport. They wanted to do something similar so they came up with the name The Beatles.
"We're thrilled that Paul McCartney is going to be coming to Buddy Holly's hometown," Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance said. "It took a great effort of Texas Tech and the City of Lubbock to put this together with the promoters.This is really a historic day for Lubbock," Texas Tech President Duane Nellis said. "But also is a reflection of the impact of Buddy Holly on music that continues even to this day."
Not only is Paul coming to perform here in Lubbock, but Mayor Robertson says he actually ASKED to perform here because of all of the influence Buddy Holly had on his musical career.
"A musician of Paul McCartney's stature that WANTS to come to Lubbock, Texas. That ASKED to come and perform in the home of Buddy Holly. It's absolutely historic," Robertson said. "It's a testament to Lubbock and the great musicians that we've produced for literally a hundred years."

June 14 - Lubbock, TX - United Spirit Arena
$250/ $165/ $89.50/ $59.50

Following an incredible 2013 which saw Paul’s universally acclaimed Out There tour launch in Brazil and visit 23 cities across South America, Europe, North America and Japan, Paul has confirmed another half dozen dates on the 2014 U.S. Out There tour. Kicking off next week in Uruguay, and tearing through Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, as well as Paul's return to Japan and debut in Korea, the upcoming Out There 2014 world tour will now feature six more shows:

* Paul will open the 2014 U.S. leg of the tour on June 14 with his first ever appearance in the hometown of his beloved Buddy Holly, playing the United Spirit Arena in Lubbock TX.
* On June 16, Paul will return to Dallas to play the American Airlines Center, his first visit to Dallas since closing his summer 2009 tour with a sold out show at Cowboys Stadium.
 * June 21 will see Paul get back to another city he last played on that 2009 tour, when the Out There extravaganza rolls into Atlanta’s Phillips Arena.
* Jacksonville FL will experience its first ever full Paul McCartney headline concert June 22 at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena--Paul’s only previous performances in Jacksonville being his four-song set at Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005, and the one and only show The Beatles ever played in Florida at the Gator Bowl in 1964.
* On June 25 Paul will play Nashville for the second time, once again at the Bridgestone Arena where he made his historic debut in the Music City on his 2010 Up and Coming Tour.
* Paul’s August 7 date at the EnergySolutions Center in Salt Lake City will be his second ever show in Utah, the first having been on the 2010 Up and Coming Tour—which also marked the 200th show Paul had played with his current touring band.
The Out There tour, as always, features music from the most beloved catalog in popular music, as Paul performs songs spanning his entire career–as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course as a Beatle. The set list will also include material from Paul’s most recent studio album NEW, a global hit upon its release last year.
The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours some of the greatest moments from the last 50 years of music are relived; music which for many has shaped the very soundtrack of their lives. The last decade has seen Paul and his band perform in a staggeringly impressive range of venues and locations, including outside the Coliseum in Rome, in Moscow’s Red Square, Buckingham Palace, at the White House, a free show in Mexico to over 400,000 people, and even broadcast live into Space! Featuring Paul’s band of the last 10+ years–Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums)–the show never disappoints.

The tour also uses state of the art technology and production to ensure the entire audience has the best possible experience. With massive screens, lasers, fireworks, unique video content and, of course, the best songs in the world, a Paul McCartney show is so much more than just an ordinary concert. Paul’s shows attract a multi generational audience from different backgrounds all brought together by his music.
2014 got off to an incredible start for Paul as he set a personal career best by winning an incredible five GRAMMY Awards in one night. In the UK he was honored by music bible NME with a special one off award, the ‘Songwriter’s Songwriter Award’ chosen for this unique accolade by his fellow peers.

Tickets for the newly announced dates will be on sale Friday, April 25 at 10 a.m. local time.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Monday, April 21 at 10 a.m. through Thursday, April 24 at 10 p.m.
Keep checking for further announcements.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Paul is coming back to Nashville as part of his 2014 Out There world tour.
The legend will bring his show to Bridgestone Arena on June 25. Tickets, which range in price from $29 to $254.50, will go on sale Friday, April 25 at 10 a.m.
It's his second time playing in Nashville where he made his debut in Music City on his 2010 Up and Coming Tour.
"This concert announcement is yet further proof that as Music City, we remain a destination for popular music's iconic stars," Nashville Mayor Karl Dean said. "Nashville was proud to host Paul McCartney during his 2010 tour, and we look forward to welcoming this superstar back this summer."
Other U.S. dates announced include Dallas; Salt Lake City; Atlanta; Jacksonville, Florida; and Lubbock, Texas. Dates already sold out include New Orleans; Louisville Kentucky; Albany, New York; and Pittsburgh.
The Out There tour kicks off next week in Uruguay. The tour will feature songs spanning his entire career as a solo artist, a member of Wings, and the Beatles.


Paul is coming back to Utah, he will bring his band to EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City, on Thursday, August 7.

Paul is playing around the world as part of his "Out There" tour — kicking off a new leg next week in Uruguay, with stops in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, and then heading to Japan and his first shows in Korea.
McCartney made his debut in 2010 at Rio Tinto Stadium, on his "Up and Coming" tour, which was his 200th show with his current touring band: Keyboardist Paul "Wix" Wickens, bassist/guitarist Brian Ray, guitarist Rusty Anderson and drummer Ab Laboriel Jr.
Paul’s set list features songs from his latest studio album, "New," as well as songs from his solo career, and his work with Wings and The Beatles.
Tickets, ranging from $29.50 to $252, go on sale Friday, April 25, at 10 a.m. at Smith’s Tix.







Paul and Nancy enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.
Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.
Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.

Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.

Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.

Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.Paul McCartney Legendary rocker Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell enjoy lunch together at Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, California on April 16, 2014.
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