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Sunday, 21 September 2014


With its 200 acres complete with lakes, formal gardens and a riding school,near Cranleigh,Surrey, which Ringo bought in 1999 for £2million, will go up for sale this week and is expected to fetch as much as ten times that amount.
The Grade-II listed Jacobean mansion offers a glimpse into the luxury lifestyle of Ringo,74 - one quarter of the world’s most successful music group - who redesigned the estate after buying it with his wife Barbara Bach, 67, from Count George Bardeau.

  • Rydinghurst, near Cranleigh, Surrey, has 200 acres complete with lakes, formal gardens and riding school
  • Beatles drummer bought Grade-II listed Jacobean mansion with his wife Barbara Bach in 1999 for £2million
  • 17th century property boasts its own cinema, entrance lodge, cottage, coach house, indoor pool and gym
  • Rydinghurst also features paddock, helipad and stables on top of six bedrooms and six reception rooms

  • Living room: The Grade-II listed Jacobean mansion offers a glimpse into the luxury lifestyle of Mr Starr, 74 - one quarter of the world's most successful music group
    Nicky Haslam, the celebrity interior designer who helped the couple redesign the house, said: ‘We took it back practically to bare walls, and it was terrific fun to do.
    ‘I had to employ specialist plasterers, and Ringo loves all that kind of English craftsmanship. He was very hands on and can read plans, which few clients can do.
    ‘I was given pretty much free rein with the décor, but Ringo wanted a music room for his gold records and drum kits, and there’s another big music room, more like a ballroom, for performing.
    ‘There’s a wonderful kitchen, as they both like to cook and have specific food requirements. It had to be big enough to eat in, and there’s a pretty herb garden just outside.’
    He added: ‘We did the pool house two years later. They didn’t leave anything undone – the garden is beautiful. Ringo certainly likes a plant or two, though I can’t say I actually ever saw him with a space in his hand, spreading manure.’

    Ringo and Barbara are selling 17th century Rydinghurst – which boasts its own cinema, entrance lodge, cottage, coach house, indoor pool, gym, paddock, helipad and stables on top of the six bedrooms and six reception rooms – as they rarely find time to stay in the property, mainly living between their flat off the King’s Road in London and in America.

    They told The Sunday Times:‘We have spent 15 years at Rydinghurst and will always have wonderful memories of our time there. It is a beautiful home with some very special features, but we are, reluctantly, unable to spend as much time there as we would wish.
    ‘With commitments in American and our family all in England, we will continue to divide our time between Los Angeles and London.’
    The draw of California is reportedly two-fold for the couple, who have five children between them, all from previous relationships.
    The first is work commitments. Ringo- who was born Richard Starkey and has an estimated wealth of £170million - still tours with his All Starr Band and both he and Barbara are heavily involved with charities.
    Ringo has been preparing to sell the property since early this year and it will be put on the market by luxury estate agents Knight Frank

    He said recently: ‘I’m really into the healthy lifestyle that they have out in LA. I do yoga every day and eat healthily. I’m obsessed with broccoli – I eat it with absolutely everything. It’s become a running joke. My wife makes fun of me for it. Broccoli is my secret to looking young.’
    The move ends a nearly five-decade association of Surrey with The Beatles, which began in 1965 when their manager, Brian Epstein, decided they should all live close to each other and away from the prying eyes of the press.
    Although, Paul McCartney decided to stay in London, 30 miles away from Rydinghurst.
    Despite saying goodbye to the country, Mr Starr recently reaffirmed his love for the area, when he said: ‘When you've grown up around the dusty back streets of Liverpool, you don't ever expect to end up comfortable and settled in the leafy surrounds of Surrey, but it's a beautiful place'.
    Despite this, he has been preparing to sell the property since early this year and it will be put on the market by luxury estate agents Knight Frank.


    Y.O. September 21st, 2014
    #SurrenderToPeace #PeaceDay #PeaceOneDay



    Paul is giving the title of his sixteenth studio album, 2013’s New yet another meta layer.
    Macca will be releasing a new version of it collector’s edition-style — complete with a handful of bonus material, from unreleased songs to live recordings and a documentary on the making of the LP.

    The three-disc set features outtakes from his recording sessions for the album, “Hell to Pay” and “Demons Dance.” It also includes “Struggle,” which McCartney had previously only released in Japan. While he was there in 2013, he performed at the Tokyo Dome and four live recordings of his set from that concert will also appear on the special release.
    As for the documentary, it was directed by famed DJ Don Letts, who made a name for himself in the film world with his first feature-length, The Punk Rock Movie. It also has star power commentary from the producers McCartney worked with on New: Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns, Giles Martin and Mark Ronson.
    On the DVD, you’ll find seven of McCartney’s music videos, including “Early Days,” “Appreciate” and “Queenie Eye,” as well as clips from his appearances on late night TV.
    New‘s new edition is due out Oct. 28.

    Saturday, 20 September 2014


    A LOCAL sand artist has created a 200m wide John Lennon memorial on Brean Down Sands as a call for world peace. 
    Simon Beck uses a rake to carefully craft these impressive etchings on the sand before they eventually get washed away by the incoming tides.
    One of Simon’s most recent art works, completed with the help of Jim Mallinson, caused a stir online when it was shared on Facebook as a part of a campaign for world peace.
    Simon said: “The intention was to draw a reproduction of the John Lennon memorial in New York's Central Park, to be the biggest drawing I have made on the sand, a tad short of 200m in diameter.
    “I said that if the rain ruined the attempt it would indicate that the Lord did not want world peace, but he does want peace and it remained dry enough for a successful drawing even if he didn't delay the tide as one would have wished.”
    Simon uses a protractor and compass to design his drawing before measuring an area of sand and drawing the main straight and curved lines in the sand.
    He then makes secondary lines to join the points together and finally fills in the shaded areas.
    Simon also produces orienteering maps and spends most of his time travelling in the Alps, hiking up mountains and taking pictures of the sunset at the summit.


    Yoko Ono said she chose the UN because it believed in freedom of speech, justice for people and in world peace. The song "Imagine" by the late John has been offered to the United Nations to play on International Peace Day.

    She made the generous contribution ahead of the Day, observed 21 September.
    Ms Ono said she chose the UN because it believed in freedom of speech, justice for people and in world peace.

    "Well, I think it was incredibly important that this particular Day was established. But also people who believe in International Peace Day are people who not just saying that, not just believing but really working on it. I really respect that."
    In the song "Imagine", said Yoko Ono, her late husband was stating what should be done to bring world peace.
    The theme for 2014 is "The Right of Peoples to Peace."

    Friday, 19 September 2014


    Beatles biographer Hunter Davies has collected nearly a hundred original  manuscripts of Beatles songs for his new book.

    Reading the words now, and probably trying too hard to work out exactly what he [John] is trying to say, it would seem the message is simple: work hard, bring the money home, and you will get marital bliss. There is a slight hint of a chauvinism when he moans that he is working all day for money so she can have things.
    Maureen Cleave of the London Evening Standard was one of the first journalists to write intelligently and revealingly about The Beatles. She happened to be interviewing John on the day they were to record the song and went with him to Abbey Road in a taxi. During the journey, John showed her the words of the song, written down on an old birthday card given to [his son] Julian – he had recently had his first birthday – with an illustration of a little boy on a toy train.

    “I said to him that I thought one line of the song was rather feeble. It originally said: ‘But when I get home to you, I find my tiredness is through, then I feel all right’. Seizing my pen, John immediately changed the second line of it and came up with the slightly suggestive: ‘I find the things that you do, will make me feel all right’.”
    The lyrics of “A Hard Day’s Night” received a deft backhanded compliment when Peter Sellers produced a record in which he recited all the words in the manner of Laurence Olivier declaiming Shakespeare. It was very convincing.

    The manuscript, which he gave to Maureen, is on show today in the Manuscript Room at the British Library, along with several others on permanent loan from a kind person. The colours of the birthday-card train are still remarkably vivid. You can also see where John changed the words at Maureen’s suggestion – though the original words are not totally clear. There is also an amendment towards the end: “everything’s right from the start” was dropped, along with a line that appears to read “I hope you realise with my heart’.


    Small Plane and Suburban they returned in from Missouri to Walnut Ridge

    A quiet night in 1964 was interrupted by the unusual sound of an airliner approaching Walnut Ridge Airport. Its arrival sparked enough interest that three local teens went to investigate, only to discover John, Paul, Ringo, and George walking from the plane. The Beatles, the biggest rock band in the world, had arrived at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.
    George in Walnut Ridge Arkansas, 1964
    After performing in Dallas on that Friday evening, September 18th, the Beatles were headed to a weekend vacation at Pigman Ranch, a dude ranch near Alton, Mo. The ranch was owned by Reed Pigman, Sr., who operated the charter airline on which they flew.
    Walnut Ridge had the closest airport that could accommodate such a large plan, so plans were for the group to land there secretly and then depart the following Sunday, also secretly. But the secret didn’t last.
    Word spread quickly around the town, especially among teens who, like the rest of the country, were in the throes of Beatle-mania. A crowd of several hundred was gathered at the airport by Sunday morning, September 20th, to greet the Beatles. Sure enough, they arrived, John and Ringo in a small plane and Paul and George in a GMC Suburban from Pigman Ranch.
    There were a few hands shaken and autographs given as the Fab Four walked through the Walnut Ridge crowd, and then the Beatles settled into their seats for the flight to New York City, where they would conclude their first American tour.
    The stopover at Walnut Ridge was but a footnote in the history of the legendary band, but it was much more than that for the community that had a surprise encounter with the one and only Beatles. Lasting memories were made in that brief visit.
    Ringo in the crowd at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

    John and Ringo walking to the plane


    The artist said the sculpture was inspired by an old lady in Hull
    A sculpture of The Beatles' song character Eleanor Rigby, made from £1m of used bank notes, will be unveiled at the Museum of Liverpool later.
    The 5ft 2in (1.57m) work depicts the "bag lady [who] died without a penny to her name," a museum spokesman said.
    Liverpool-born sculptor Leonard J Brown said it was "to show people that money isn't the only way to make you happy".
    He said his inspiration was seeing an old lady carrying a large number of bags in Hull, where he now lives.
    The sculpture took six months to complete and the process began with the artist first having to negotiate with the Bank of England to get the used notes.
    He was eventually given the notes in the form of shredded pellets, £300,000 of which he used to fill the sculpture's chest cavity, while the remainder were mashed and moulded to a steel frame.
    "The sculpture serves to show people that money isn't the only way to make you happy and we should all be thankful for what we have.
    "There are people in every town and city like Eleanor Rigby who live a lonely life and whose only worldly goods are kept in the bags that they carry."
    It will be on show at the museum until January 2015.


    Fifty years ago, the Beatles played their only Dallas concert. And I was there. Me, my best friends Bobbie and Sondra, and 10,000 other Beatlemaniacs. It was the highlight of my almost 14 years. Nothing was as exciting before — or possibly since. Yet now I scarcely remember what all the shouting was about.

    Well, we didn’t shout. We were far too sophisticated for that. “We might have squealed a little,” Sondra said.
    The Beatles burst on the American music scene earlier that year like a jolt of electricity, splitting the world into before and after. Now that pop music is so diverse, it’s hard to imagine how the band would affect today’s music. Yet the Beatles are part of the reason for pop’s diversity. After the Beatles, nothing was ever the same — not for music and not for Bobbie, Sondra and me.

    Read more...HERE

    Thursday, 18 September 2014


    GEORGE HARRISON - DARK HORSE (Unreleased Early Take) APPLE YEARS 2014

    Check this out on Chirbit

    GEORGE HARRISON - THE INNER LIGHT(Alternate Take Instrumental) APPLE YEARS 201

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    On Friday 19 September the Epstein Theatre once again throws open its doors to the public for a now annual Open Day in honour of the late Mr. Brian Epstein’s Birthday, marking what would have been his 80th Birthday.
    The public can come along and enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee and for a small donation, a delicious range of sweet treats and cakes. To celebrate the occasion the theatre are asking any budding bakers to bring a cake with them that can then be sold, with all proceeds going to Statue 4 Eppy, a project that is raising funds for a statue of Brian Epstein to be erected in Liverpool. 
    On the day, the Epstein will be open from 10am to 4pm and will also feature tours of the theatre where the public can explore the beauty of the venue, which is now also available to book for a variety of occasions including corporate events, conferences, weddings and special occasions.
    This will mark yet another event in what has been a very special year for the former Beatles manager; 2014 has already seen Epstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles, a fascinating window into the much speculated private world of the music entrepreneur have a successful 6-week run in London’s West End; a prestigious Heritage Foundation Blue Plaque unveiled outside the London NEMS office in his honour, and was also posthumously inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame following a campaign from fans.
    Always proving to be a popular event, hundreds of people from all over Liverpool and beyond attended in 2012 and 2013, paying tribute and celebrating the life of one of Liverpool’s most-loved sons and theatre management are expecting an even better turn out this year!
    The theatre’s brand new Autumn/Winter season brochure will also be hot off the press and the first copies will available to pick up on the day.
    For full details and to join the theatre mailing list visit
    For further details on how to donate to Statue 4 Eppy please visit


    Paul McCartney calls on people to back #MFMclimatepledge ahead of the UN Climate Summit on Tuesday 23rd September 2014.

    With just days to go until the UN Climate Summit in New York, Paul McCartney has called on people to back the Meat Free Monday Climate Pledge campaign.

    #MFMclimatepledge - launched at tibits on Monday 8th September by the RT Hon Greg Barker MP, Energy and Climate Advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron, and Stella and Mary McCartney - aims to get people to commit to a weekly meat free day so that global leaders can see the magnitude of support and enable them to take the idea forward.


    Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit will be the first time global leaders – from government, finance, business, and civil society – will meet to tackle the subject of climate change since Copenhagen in 2009. #MFMclimatepledge wants the leaders to commit now to agreeing an ambitious climate treaty at the COP 21 Conference in Paris next year, with the subject of meat reduction firmly on the agenda.

    As well as being responsible for a huge chunk of global greenhouse gas emissions, meat production requires increasingly unsustainable levels of precious resources – land, water and energy – and is a major contributor towards global environmental degradation.

    30% of all the land on Earth is already used for livestock and feed production. So with the world’s population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, raising enough animals to keep up with our current meat-heavy diets spells disaster for the planet. In fact, if everyone in the world ate as much meat as those in western countries, we would need 4 to 5 more planets to sustain ourselves!

    Please take a couple of minutes to visit, pledge to go meat free for one day a week and share the idea with others.
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