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THE STATUE 4 EPPY CONCERT: Saturday 28th February 2015

A very special one-off event evening hosted by Billy Butler and brought to you by the team behind Statue 4 Eppy.
A very special one-off event evening hosted by Billy Butler and brought to you by the team behind Statue 4 Eppy, which is a campaign for the creation of a statue of the Mr Brian Epstein in Liverpool City Centre, the concert will celebrate the life and career of the legendary Beatles Manager with all monies raised going towards the Statue 4 Eppy campaign.  Don’t miss this fantastic evening of music and comedy with singers Billy Kinsley & Tony Crane, Ian Prowse and Ian McNabb already confirmed to appear.  The evening will also officially launch the single “Our Friend” which has been written by Bob Pitt and includes the voices of Ian McNabb, Andy McCluskey, Owen Paul, Ian Prowse, Billy J Kramer, Beryl Marsden and local celebrities include Tricia Penrose, Derek Acorah, Paul Barber and John McArdle.  More information can be found on: http://www.statue4eppy.com/statue-4-eppy-concert/ or  www.statue4eppy.com.

Cy Tucker
Beryl Marsden
Ray Ennis
Karl Terry
Billy Kinsley
Tony Crane

The MonaLisa Twins
Thomas McConnell
Millie Courtney
Ian Prowse
Launch of Statue4Eppy single and Video


The auction is over very quickly and the childhood home of Paul has sold to a local bidder, who is in the room, for £150,000.

Paul was just four-years-old when he moved to the house with parents Jim and Mary. The family lived at the humble mid-terrace for six years until 1955, when they moved to 20 Forthlin Road, in Allerton.

The house has a guide price of £100,000 plus, but has sold to a local bidder, who is in the room, for £150,000.

Let's take a look inside the house.
The former home of Paul McCartney, in Speke
The lounge, where McCartney would have spent many hours as a child
The kitchen is fitted with modern units
Some more pictures here of upstairs at 72 Western Avenue
A bedroom, now painted in bright colours, could have been Paul's room
The property has one family bathroom on the first floor
Peter Thompson, who is the seller of the property and from Liverpool,-he is happy with the sale of the property and he hopes the new owner enjoys it as much as he did.
The new owner of the house is a man from Liverpool, but he wishes to remain anonymous.


Updated: Pre-Sale Info / 'Out There' Japan Tour 2015
The ticket links for today's Osaka and Tokyo pre-sales are below:
Tuesday 21st April: Kyocera Dome, Osaka 
VIP - Click HERE!
General admission - Click HERE!
Thursday 23rd April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
VIP - Click HERE!
General admission - Click HERE!

Saturday 25th April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
VIP - Click HERE!
General admission - Click HERE!

Monday 27th April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
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General admission - Click HERE!


'You Gave Me The Answer' – Paul from Canada asks…

'You Gave Me The Answer' – Paul from Canada asks…
Lots of people have speculated over this month’s question for ‘You Gave Me The Answer’. We were also curious to shed some light onto this ourselves. 
There’s nothing more satisfying than getting stuck into a really good autobiography. Reading the memoirs of famous musicians, celebrities, campaigners, politicians, indeed anybody whose life intrigues you, can be a wonderfully enriching experience. 
Paul from Canada has been in touch to ask what many have wondered. He asks:
"Will you ever write your autobiography?" 
Paul has, of course, worked with Barry Miles on the biography 'Many Years From Now', but would he ever put pen to paper himself? We caught up with him following his recent GRAMMYs appearance to find out:

"My feeling is that there have been enough books on me done already. But from time to time I do think of certain little memories that are not published in any books so, who knows. If I ever find the time it could possibly happen. But I think you can guess from my answer that I’m not in any hurry to be doing it…!”
Working with Paul as closely we do, we know how busy his diary is so finding any 'free time' could be quite the task! We hope you’re not too disappointed, but never say never. Perhaps not one for your Christmas list this year though…


A shrubby yew pine which in theory can withstand ice, drought and above all beetles has replaced the original George Harrison tree, which succumbed last year to a beetle infestation.

Relatives and admirers gathered in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, on Wednesday for a planting ceremony on what would have been the late Beatle’s 72nd birthday.
“We never expected to be doing this again,” said Paula Greenfield, who helped organise the original planting in 2002 and galvanised support for this one.
Several hundred people attended, including Harrison’s sister, Louise, sister-in-law, Linda Arias, and councilman Tom LaBonge. A local band played several of his songs, including Here Comes the Sun and Give Me Love, on what turned out to be a balmy, cloudless day.
The 10ft replacement is of a species that withstood the ice age and can better resist insect infestations. California’s drought is blamed for beetles devouring the original Canary Island pine.
“They hollowed it out,” said Greenfield. “When I saw the pictures I thought, ‘No, this has to be photoshopped.”
Park workers swiftly felled the pine to avoid others becoming contaminated, leaving the city to mourn what some called rock music’s most ironic dead tree.
The musician would probably have mourned the loss but appreciated the irony, said Greenfield. “George Harrison had a wonderful, wonderful and according to some people wicked sense of humour,” she said. “And he was a gardener. He would have understood.”
Harrison died from cancer in Los Angeles on 29 November 2001, aged 58. The pine was planted in his honour the following year in Griffith Park, which covers about 4,300 acres north of Hollywood.
In 2004 the city council proclaimed George Harrison Day in Los Angeles and embedded a bronze plaque in a granite slab beside the tree. It said: “In memory of a great humanitarian who touched the world as an artist, a musician and a gardener.” It also included a Harrison quote: “For the forest to be green, each tree must be green.”
Harrison was a keen gardener at Kinfauns, his home in Surrey in the 1960s, then at Friar Park, a dilapidated estate he bought in 1970s as the Beatles were breaking up. He worked with a team of gardeners to restore and landscape the grounds.
“In the garden you see all the seasons come and go,” he said in a 1981 Good Morning America interview. “Whatever you do can affect it all but at the same time the flowers don’t answer you back, don’t give you no trouble. It’s very nice.”

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Ringo and His All-Starr Band will perform live in Rio de Janeiro at Vivo Rio in Flamengo on Friday, February 27th. Ringo will showcase songs from his solo career, as well as from the time with the popular band. 

Previously playing in Brazil in 2011 and 2013, Ringo returns to the country this month, playing in São Paulo first on the 26th before heading to Rio the following day. Accompanying Ringo during the show will be His All-Starr Band. Formed by producer David Fishof in 1989, the All-Starr Band is a supergroup of musicians that has featured a rotating lineup during the last 25 years. The band currently consists of guitarists Steve Lukather and Todd Rundgren, bassists Richard Page and Gregg Bissonette, keyboardist Gregg Rolie, and saxophonist Mark Rivera.

His eighteenth album entitled, Postcards from Paradise, is scheduled for release on March 31st. During live shows, Starr and His All-Starr Band are known to perform works from both his solo career, including the songs “Photograph”, “Wings”, and “It Don’t Come Easy”, as well as works from Starr’s time with the Beatles, including “Yellow Submarine”, “With a Little Help from My Friends” and “Love Me Do.” 

Who: Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band 
When: Friday, February 27th, 10PM. 
Where: Vivo Rio, Avenida Infante Dom Henrique 85, Parque do Flamengo 
Entrance: R$150 – R$700


Juliette Britton owns J.J. Hapgood General Store and Eatery in Peru, Vermont. While she was working Sunday, she received a call about a very important person coming in to eat. They wanted to make sure not many people were around.Paul stopped in after a day on the slopes at Bromley. A picture is posted on the J.J. Hapgood's Twitter account. Britton said they waited until Tuesday to release the picture because she feared a paparazzi frenzy.

"It's very exciting," Britton said. "It's an honor and actually when he was here he asked me about the store, the beams; he asked if they were original, that was one of his questions."
McCartney told Britton a celebrity friend said he should stop by to check out the store's diverse menu.
"He ordered a margherita pizza and he ordered a kale salad," Britton said. "I understand he's a vegetarian and he heard we have a lot of vegetarian options, organic kale."
And a side of red sauce too.
J.J. Hapgood first opened 150 years ago and is the longest-running general store in Vermont. It is recognized as a destination after being featured in the 1987 movie "Baby Boom," starring Diane Keaton.
When you walk through the aisles at J.J. Hapgood, you never know what or who you may find. But the cozy, quiet atmosphere is great for everyone, whether you're a local or a celebrity.
"Peru is a really special place," Britton said. "And I think that this place on Earth for whatever reason is charmed and we feel pretty lucky."
Britton tells us her favorite McCartney song is "Jet." She said it was a nickname of hers growing up. And now, as she runs the general store, she hopes more folks jet over to check it out.

WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-


When he smiles everyone smiles, or so it seemed Tuesday. A popular culture icon known by pretty much every person on the planet, Ringo could have just occupied center stage for an hour, crooned a bit, performed his adorable little swaying dance moves and responded to ecstatic shout-outs from the audience –and everyone would have gone home happy. Instead, Ringo assembled a group of talented musicians with varying levels of distinction to bring a most healthy dose of happiness to Sarasota’s waterfront theater, which was in a festive mood hours before being joined by the most famous drummer in rock ’n’ roll history.

Ringo embarked on a solo career within months of our purple palace opening, lending a touch of serendipity to the Beatle making his premiere here during the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall’s 45th anniversary celebration. The youthful sounding and looking 74-year-old drummer, singer and songwriter entertained with relaxed charm in front of a packed house with solo hits and songs he originally sang with The Beatles. Ringo also shared the spotlight.

Continuing a tradition dating back to 1989, his All Starr Band members performed their greatest hits with backing on drums by the Beatle. Accompanying him since 2012, the current All Starr lineup includes Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather (Toto), Richard Page (Mr. Mister) and Gregg Rolie, most famous as the lead singer of the classic era of Santana. The stars were augmented by ace work from veteran session drummer Gregg Bissonette and gifted multi-instrumentalist Warren Ham.
The performance that lasted about 100 minutes started with Starr at center stage doing a Carl Perkins songs he originally sang with The Beatles in their early days ("Matchbox"), a self-penned solo hit ("It Don't Come Easy") and "Wings," a Ringo co-write from the late 1970s revived and given a reggae makeover for his recent album "Ringo 2012."

Ringo then sat down at his Ludwig drum kit for five hits by his band mates including the hilariously hammy Rundgren's perfectly appropriate "Bang the Drum All Day." Starr remained at the drum kit to sing "Boys" just like he did with The Beatles followed by his self-penned Fab Four number "Don't Pass Me By" and his "Revolver" lead vocal "Yellow Submarine," which was the blissful sing along you would expect, and hope for, at a Starr show. Starr left the stage while Rollie, at keyboards all night, sang "Black Magic Woman" while Lukather jammed some hot licks on lead guitar.

Ringo returned for another rollicking Perkins number he sang with The Beatles ("Honey Don't") and then another 2012 song, the peace, love and happiness "Anthem," which would sound silly sung by anyone else on other than Ringo Starr. 

He sang his Beatles rocker "I Wanna be Your Man" while drumming before returning center stage for the closing blast from the past of "Photograph," "Act Naturally" and "With a Little Help from My Friends." Starr returned for a mini-encore of John Lennon's solo anthem "Give Peace a Chance."

This latest incarnation of Starr's traveling show has been together now going on three years and watching them interact as an actual band, rather than a supergroup taking turns out front, is almost as fun, almost, as watching and screaming “I love you” at the front man who will forever be part of the biggest rock 'n' roll band of all time.


1. "Matchbox"
2. "It Don't Come Easy"
3. "Wings"
4. "I Saw the Light"
5. "Evil Ways"
6. "Rosanna"
7. "Kyrie"
8. "Bang the Drum All Day"
9. "Boys"
10. "Don't Pass Me By"
11. "Yellow Submarine"
12. "Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen"
13. "Honey Don't"
14. "Anthem"
15. "You Are Mine"
16. "Africa"
17. Oye Como Va
18. "Love Is the Answer"
19. "I Wanna Be Your Man"
20. "Broken Wings"
21. "Hold the Line"
22. "Photograph"
23. "Act Naturally"
24. "With a Little Help from My Friends"
25. "Give Peace a Chance"


Paul has confirmed he will headline this year's Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware on June 19th.
Paul To Headline Firefly Music Festival
Following a whirlwind weekend including a surprise intimate Valentine’s Day gig at New York’s Irving Plaza and a performance on Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary prime time special (not to mention a massive all-star jam at the SNL40 after party), Paul McCartney now lays the rumors to rest:
Paul will headline this year’s Firefly Festival on June 19 at the Woodlands in Dover, DE. It is Paul's first ever appearance at Firefly and the latest confirmed date of this year’s 'Out There' tour, following on the recent announcement of April 21-May 2 run through Japan and South Korea.
The 'Out There' tour, as always, features music from the most beloved catalog in popular music, as Paul performs songs spanning his entire career - as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course as a Beatle.
The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours some of the greatest moments from the last 50 years of music are relived; music which for many has shaped the very soundtrack of their lives. recent years have seen Paul and his band perform in a staggeringly impressive range of venues and locations, including outside the Coliseum in Rome, in Moscow's Red Square, Buckingham Palace, at the White House, a free show in Mexico to over 400,000 people, and even broadcast live into space! Featuring Paul's band of the last 10+ years--Paul "Wix" Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums)--the show never disappoints.
The tour also uses state of the art technology and production to ensure the entire audience has the best possible experience. With massive screens, lasers, fireworks, unique video content and, of course, the best songs in the world, a Paul McCartney show is so much more than just an ordinary concert. Paul's shows attract a multi generational audience from different backgrounds all brought together by his music.
Passes for Firefly are available exclusively at www.FireflyFestival.com
Keep checking PaulMcCartney.com for further announcements.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE! On this day 25 February 1943 George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England. Actually, George himself once said that his actual birthday was the 24th February! 

So to celebrate both days, here's a never before seen clip of George singing "Congratulations." It was filmed during the shoot for the All Things Must Pass 30th Anniversary Edition in 2000 at Friar Park. It's a @TravelingWilbury's tune, sung by @BobDylan on
their first album: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1.
Watch George sing "Congratulations" Here: 


On this day 25 February 1943 George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England. Actually, George himself once said that his actual birthday was the 24th February!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


The George Harrison Memorial Tree will be replanted tomorrow in Griffith Park to celebrate George’s 72nd birthday. The ceremony will take place at 4 pm, north of the Griffith Observatory parking lot and is open to the public.

Chris Carter, host of the longest-running Beatles radio show Breakfast With The Beatles, will MC the event organized by Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge.

Following the ceremony an annual George Harrison birthday gathering will be held at George’s star on Vine Street, outside the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood. 

That event, organized by activist Jerry Rubin, begins at 6 pm and includes a cake cutting by Chris Carter.


The J.J. Hapgood General Store & Eatery in Peru had royalty from the music world drop by for dinner Sunday afternoon.
After spending a day on the slopes at nearby Bromley Mountain, famed musician Paul McCartney and five other people spent about an hour in the dining room enjoying a quiet meal that included margherita pizza and organic kale salad.

Restaurant owner Juliette Britton said she didn't want any hoopla to disrupt the legendary Beatle's visit, so she didn't even notify her coworkers that McCartney was a guest in their presence. Britton said McCartney was joined by his wife, Nancy Shevell, and two other couples.
"He came in around 4:30 and had a meal on their way out of town," Britton told the Burlington Free Press. "It was a very relaxed atmosphere and it worked out really well. I didn't even let my staff know at the time he was there. It was a really great experience for him, and he was able to take it all in."
Britton said that as McCartney was getting set to leave, she asked to get her picture taken with him, along with her husband (and store co-owner) Tim. McCartney gladly obliged, and the J.J. Hapgood store account later tweeted out the photo.
J.J. Hapgood General Store & Eatery, which first opened in 1827, was the longest continuously-run general store in Vermont until closing in disrepair in 2009. The Brittons then purchased the store from previous ownership and refurbished it, before reopening it 2013.


Official video launched for song Our Friend, which features Beryl Marsden, OMD, The Merseybeats and rising star Millie Courtney

The photograph of Brian Epstein that hangs in the bar at Epstein Theatre

The official video has been launched for the song dedicated to Brian Epstein, Our Friend.
The song aims to raise cash to have a statue in Liverpool City Centre in on honour of Brian Epstein. There is also a launch show on Saturday February 28, fittingly at The Epstein Theatre.
The first half of the show is called The Spirit of The Cavern, and on the bill the first half are The Shakers band will open up with a couple of numbers, Cy Tucker, Ray Ennis, Beryl Marsden, There will be a tribute by Brian Jones the Sax player from The Undertakers for Geoff Nugent, who sadly passed away two weeks to the day after recording his part on the song and video, then The Merseybeats will close the first half of the show. The second half of the show will open with Thomas McConnell, Millie Courtney, who is only 14 years of age, and has already been signed by Garth Brooks manager, The Mona Twins, and Ian Prowse.
The Finale will be the showing of the Our Friend video. www.statue4eppy.com
And HERE: http://www.statue4eppy.com/statue-4-eppy-concert/

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