Friday, 20 January 2017


Paul began work on his first album since 2013’s New.
Paul started his work on the next album together with a producer Greg Kurstin, who used to work with Adele. He comes back into the studio of Capitol Records.

Paul has finished one track together with Lady Gaga, this song will be included in the new album as well. The musicians recorded this joint track for an untitled animation project.By the way, Lady Gaga hinted that she is thinking of the new world tour in 2017.

Paul told The Rolling Stone magazine last year:
“I’ll put out my next album, but I won’t think I’m gonna sell a lot. I’m putting it out because I have songs that I like. And I will do my best job. The scene has changed, but it doesn’t disturb me, because I had the best of it.”

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