Saturday 2 April 2016


John´s Grammy award for “Michelle,” a love ballad that won the 1966 Song of the Year award, is now the subject of a new lawsuit filed by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.
The Academy has filed a notice that it is suing Gotta Have It! Collectibles in Midtown Manhattan for "fraud, false advertising, unfair competition and tortious interference with contractual relations."
In short, they want the award back.

Gotta Have It! Collectibles has a photo of the trophy - a small brass Victrola mounted on wood with a plaque - on its website. The minimum bid is listed as $40,0000 but as of Friday morning, no one had made an offer. The item is due to be offered for another week.
John shared the “Michelle” Grammy with Paul who wrote most of the song.

The Academy is suing the unidentified owner of the Grammy as well as the auction house.
Gotta Have It! Collectibles says on its website that the piece was bought at a Christie's auction of rock memorabilia in 2004.
Christie's website says it was sold then for $35,850.
Gotta Have It! did not return a call seeking comment. Neither did a spokesman for Yoko Ono.

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