Tuesday 9 July 2024


Ringo Starr sent out his message of “peace and love” across the world on Sunday, July 7, during his annual birthday celebration, which was held in Beverly Hills, California. Meanwhile, as it turns out, NASA is helping to spread the Ringo’s positive message into outer space.

Ringo is among a variety of noteworthy people who contributed messages that were inscribed on a plaque sent with NASA’s Lucy spacecraft on its journey to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

Ringo revealed in a post on his social media pages that NASA sent him a birthday note and video that featured footage of him and other contributors reading parts of their messages. He also shared NASA’s video.

The video features a message that explains, 

“The Lucy mission plaque that contains messages from individuals who have asked us to contemplate the state of the human condition as well as our place in the universe. These thought leaders were asked to provide words of advice, words of wisdom, words of joy and words of inspiration to those who may read this Lucy mission plaque in the distant future.”

The segment featuring Starr begins with Ringo playing a bit of drums. He then comments, “A bit noisy but, I’m so excited. Lucy is going back in the sky with diamonds. Johnny [Lennon] will love that. Anyway, if you meet anyone up there, Lucy, give them peace and love from me.”
The video presentation also featured messages from several poet laureates and a science writer.

NASA’s message to Ringo was accompanied by a note that reads:

“There are many stars in our galaxy but only one [Ringo Starr]. Happy birthday! 

Your message of [Peace and Love] is currently flying across the solar system aboard our #LucyMission – the first mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.”



Ringo himself wrote, “I want to thank NASA for the beautiful moment they sent me for my birthday [about] the Lucy Mission, peace, and love everybody up in the sky, peace and love.”


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