Tuesday 12 September 2023


Two hidden photos of The Beatles in Melbourne will be sold at auction.

Shane Maloney, the son of the photographer, says he found the photos taken by his father a few years ago. Maloney is offering two rare 35mm photos of The Beatles from their 1964 visit to Melbourne. 

The shots find the band as a fivesome outside the Southern Cross Hotel alongside stand-in drummer Jimmy Nichol.

“My father was a photographer and only happened to have his camera with him when the Beatles arrived because my sister's 21st birthday was held in the Southern Cross Hotel the previous night, and the family had stayed over,” Maloney revealed in a statement.

According to his statement, Maloney’s father had a good relationship with The Beatles’ Australian tour promoter, Kenn Brodziak, who gave the family free tickets to the band’s Melbourne show.

A unique pair of unpublished 35mm slides of the Beatles when they visited Melbourne in 1964, outside the Southern Cross Hotel where they appeared as a band of five, with the stand-in drummer Jimmy Nichol.

Later in the day, the Beatles were hosted at the General Manager's flat in the hotel, where my father took their picture. 
This was the last time Jimmy Nichol, the stand-in drummer (shown in these images), was seen with them.”

The photos heading to auction have a starting bid of $4,000, with auctioneers expecting anywhere between an estimated $5,000-$10,000.

The photos, captured outside the Southern Cross Hotel in 1964, will go up for auction at Artvisory in South Yarra on September 19.

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