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In 1983, Paul released his song “So Bad” —(include on Pipes of Peace album - It turns out, though, that when performing it for his family, he actually changed the lyrics because he felt “so bad” for his son James.

A dozen years after The Beatles broke up, McCartney was still hard at work making music. By the 1980s, McCartney was a father to four children: Heather, the daughter of his first wife Linda Eastman, whom he adopted upon marrying Eastman, along with Mary, Stella, and James, all of whom he shares with Eastman. McCartney and Eastman remained married up until Eastman’s death in 1998. (McCartney later married Heather Mills; the two share a daughter, Beatrice.)

"So Bad" is a song written by Paul. T that was first released on his 1983 album Pipes of Peace. It was also released as a single in the US, with the album´s title track as the B-side and reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, "So Bad" was released as the B-side of the "Pipes of Peace" single. A version of "So Bad" was later released on McCartney's 1984 album Give my Regards To Broad Street and it was used in the accompaying film. 

After writing “So Bad” in 1983, McCartney went on to share the song with his wife and four kids. And while the lyrics worked for his wife and three daughters, they didn’t work for his youngest child, James, who was only four at the time, because the lyrics involved a girl and not a boy. As a result, McCartney changed the lyrics when singing the song for his family.

Paul McCartney described the lyric change in his own words: “I started singing it at home with the kids and Linda, and ‘Girl I love you so bad’ was fine for everyone except James,” McCartney said. “I felt I was leaving him out. So just for him I sang ‘Boy I love you so bad,’ and he would go all shy and it was lovely. McCartney later decided to change the song lyrics permanently. “Then I worked it into the song as ‘And she said Boy I love you so bad.’”

McCartney has a close relationship with all five of his children. His daughter is famed designer Stella McCartney; his kids’ ages range 40 years, with his oldest daughter having just turned 60, and his youngest daughter at just 19. 



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