Thursday 2 February 2023


Paul has admitted that St Valentine's Day is one of his favourite times of the year and he "completely" overdoes the romantic day. He also says that his children no longer need advice from him and now they tell him what to do.
Paul told his website that he hides cards around the room “and sometimes things even spill into the next day - it’s completely silly”.
Paul said: “I would say that being a father and being a husband are two completely different things.
“As far as being a dad is concerned, I’ve always just tried to give my kids a bit of guidance if they seem to need it - but that was mainly when they were younger.

“Now that they are older, they’re guiding me! They don’t need so much guidance these days but if there’s ever a problem, I’m very happy to be the guy they come to. So, that’s largely the thing of being a dad.

“You’re just there to help, and I suppose have fun with - we do have a lot of fun. Now they’re older we can have a drink together, for instance!
“When it comes to being a husband... I see it as just trying to be good to my wife Nancy and trying to be considerate and romantic. I completely overdo Valentine’s Day!

“If there’s an excuse to have some fun, I overdo it! At Christmas, I go crazy with the tree lights and fairy lights - totally overdo it.

“I try to be helpful as a husband too. If there’s a problem, I like to be the guy that will lend some strength to it. I’m always very happy to be the person Nancy relies on, and to be her strength when she goes through tough times.

“I am very proud, in fact, to be ‘The Guy’ there. And I know she is grateful. So, that’s my role as a husband: it’s to be the strength and the romance at the same time. I don’t think I consciously chose to be that way. It’s just how I do things.” 

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