Sunday 13 November 2022


Julian Lennon , 59, said it was 'so, so lovely' to bump into his father's Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney at an airport by chance, posting a sweet selfie the pair snapped together.




















Julian expressed his delight on Saturday after a chance meeting with  Paul McCartney.

The pair bumped into each other in an airport lounge. Julian whiped out his phone and take a selfie with Paul.

Taking to his Twitter account afterwards, Julian declared: "It’s Amazing who you run into in an airport Lounge! None other than Uncle Paul…. So, so lovely, and what are the chances… Thankful…." 


In a second image, meanwhile, Paul pointed to Julian's album 'Jude' on his Spotify app.

Fans were quick to express their delight at the impromptu coming together, with one commenting: "This is so great, Julian! Really meant to be your meeting. He must be so proud of you and your new album, you turning something that he created into something so particular and special to you, just beautiful!"

Another wrote: "That’s really amazing. Your energies were definitely meant to meet at that time! How cool."

A third added: "So happy this happened! And he's clearly telling us to go stream JUDE so I'm going to, once again."


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