Tuesday 18 October 2022


Paul McCartney is still rocking out at 80 years old. he works out and even has a jukebox in his home gym. Paul shared the songs that are on his gym playlist. 

In an interview for his website, Paul McCartney discussed the music he listens to while exercising. The British artist revealed that he has a jukebox in the gym area that was given to him and the other members of The Beatles by Capital records. McCartney said he used to have to put a coin in it to change the songs, but he discovered a way to get it to play for free. 

“There’s a credit switch inside, but I used to put a coin in it all the time,” McCartney explained. “So you put the “coin in, and it falls through, and it would start playing –  until I discovered the credit switch inside! So now they’re all free to play. So yeah, I’ve been really enjoying that a lot recently! You know, just getting stuck in because it’s a great little selection of old rock n’ roll.”

McCartney was asked which songs he listens to while working out. Fittingly, the songs he shared are classic rock hits from the 1950s, tunes that may have inspired him before he formed The Beatles.

“So, I listen to all these old records, Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel, Sweet Little Sixteen,Rock n’ Roll music by Chuck Berry, Beautiful Boy  by John Lennon, ‘Something Else’ by Eddie Cochran, ‘Tutti Frutti’ by Little Richard,” McCartney said. “It’s endless! I really love it!”

Paul McCartney listens to a jukebox while working out. He said:

“The headstand is my show-off moment when I’m in the gym and there are a lot of guys doing big weights and I’m doing weedy weights. I can’t do what they’re doing as they’re flexing their big muscles, so at the end of my session I finish off with the headstand and they often come over and say, ‘Hey, that’s pretty impressive’! It’s pathetic really! No, it’s good to do and I was once told by a yoga teacher that it keeps you young. You turn all your body organs upside down and seeing as for the rest of the day they’re either lying flat in bed or standing upright and got gravity pulling them down, apparently the inversion is supposed to be good. But it’s fun to do too!”













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