Friday 2 September 2022


Stella McCartney has revealed she gave her father Paul her own vegan skincare range for his 80th birthday and reflects on trying to do 'all the things' she wishes her late mother Linda had the chance to do.

She admitted that Paul can be very hard to buy for:  'He'll love it, he positively mourned the passing of my first skincare line.'

Stella went on to speak about her relationship with her late mother Linda, who died of cancer at the age of 56 in 1998.
She candidly admitted she wants to do things in life that her mother never had the chance to do.

'I was riding my horse there the other morning and living my best life and thinking, all that matters is that I get to do all the things I wish my mum had,' she said.

Stella also said that aim has continued into her professional life, as she said she believes her mother would 'love' and 'trust' her new 'clean' and beauty line.

She said her business means 'so much' to her and said she wants to try and change things in the world, like her animal rights activist mother Linda did.

Speaking of her mother's own make-up, Stella admitted she begged Linda to wear make-up when she was a teenager and even did her make-up on occasion.

She said her mother loved essential oils and would make them from roses that they grew in their garden.

Stella reflected back on her childhood living between a Sussex farmhouse and in Scotland with her parents and siblings.

She described her childhood as natural and said spending time in Scotland was always where she felt 'cleanest'.

Speaking of her upbringing, she said: 'We were always naked, my parents didn't even wear deodorant and yet they never smelled.'






















Linda McCartney, nee Eastman, married Sir Paul in 1969 and formed the band Wings with him in 1971.

As well as Stella, Linda and Paul also share children Heather, 59, Mary, 53, and James, 44.

Paul also shares a daughter Beatrice, 18, with his ex-wife, former model Heather Mills, who he was married to from 2001 until 2008. 

Stella married her husband Alasdhair Willis back in 2013 and the pair share children Miller, 17, Bailey, 15, Beckett, 14and Reiley, 11.  

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