Monday 19 September 2022


"EP3" is a new four-song release from Ringo Starr — the latest collection of uplifting, joyous new music from Ringo.









As has been the case with much of Ringo’s solo output in recent years, he’s accompanied by a host of his All-Star musical friends along the course of the four new songs.

The EP was first previewed with “World Go Round,” which was written by Toto’s Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams. It features Ringo on vocals, drums, and percussion, Lukather on guitar and Williams on keyboards, with background vocals provided by Willams, Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maiya Sykes.

“Everyone and Everything,” written by Linda Perry, keeps the good vibes going with a group singalong espousing the benefits of being kind to one another.
“Linda is so great, a lot of fun to be around and one of the most beautiful human beings, heart and soul, in the world,” said Ringo of the song in a statement. “She wrote this track and I loved the sentiment of it.”
“Let’s Be Friends” was penned by Bruce Sugar and Sam Hollander
“I’d worked with Sam before but not in a few years so I thought it would be fun to do it again,” said Ringo. “Sam came up with the line, Let’s Be Friends, and I loved it. He built the rest of the song around it.”

The quick collection of happy new songs wraps with “Free Your Soul,” written by Ringo and Bruce Sugar and featuring Dave Koz
As Ringo describes it, “Bruce had a start of a song and we had a line – that’s all we ever need – if we have one line we can write a song around anything and it turned out really well. And when we were recording it, we just kept jammin’ – it’s like 5 minutes long – and that turned out great because it gave Dave a chance to wail.”

A full breakdown of the artists involved in each recording:

World Go Round (Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams)
Drums, Vocals Percussion : Ringo Starr
Guitar: Steve Lukather
Keyboards: Joseph Williams
BGV: Joseph Willams Billy Valentine Zelma Davis Maiya Sykes

Everyone and Everything (Linda Perry)
Produced and Engineered by Linda Perry
Assistant Engineer Luis Flores
Drums, Vocals,Percussion Ringo Starr
Guitar, Percussion: Linda Perry
Bass, Guitar: Billy Mohler
Melotron , Piano , Wurly: Damon Fox
BGV: Linda Perry Billy Valentine Zelma Davis Maiya Sykes

Let’s Be Friends (Bruce Sugar, Sam Hollander)
Drums, Vocals: Ringo Starr
Bass: Nathan East
Guitar: Steve Lukather
Keyboards, Horn Arrangement Percussion: Bruce Sugar
Handclaps and Percussion: Sam Hollander
BGV: Billy Valentine Zelma Davis Maiya Sykes
Free Your Soul featuring Dave Koz , Jose Antonio Rodriguez (Richard Starkey, Bruce Sugar)
Drums,Handclaps, Vocals: Ringo Starr
Bass: Nathan East
Tenor Sax : Dave Koz
Nylon Guitar: Jose Antonio Rodriguez
Keyboards,Percussion,Horn Arrangement: Bruce Sugar
BGV Billy Valentine Zelma Davis Maiya Sykes

“I am in my studio writing and recording every chance I get,” said Ringo, who recently celebrated his 82nd birthday. “It’s what I have always done and will continue to do, and releasing EPs more frequently allows me to continue to be creative and give each song a little more love.”


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