Monday 23 May 2022


Paul McCartney shares message and picture to Sefton Park on 150th birthday
Sefton Park was opened 150 years ago





























Never seen before picture of Paul McCartney on a rowing boat in Sefton Park (Image: Mike McCartney)

Paul wished the park in South Liverpool a happy birthday on Twitter and also shared his own memories there, including with John Lennon and George Harrison. Paul said he had "always a great time rowing" with friends.

One memory Paul had of "Sevvie Park" was when he and his friends would not hear the man calling them when their time had ran out on the rowing boat, so they got some extra time.
Paul shared never seen before picture of himself in the boat taken by Paul's brother Mike McCartney in 1961. Sefton Park was opened by Prince Arthur 150 years ago on May 20 for the people of Liverpool "to enjoy."
Paul said on Twitter: "Happy birthday Sefton Park. I often used to go there with various mates like John, George and other friends from school. We always had a great time rowing on the lake, even though we sometimes couldn't hear the man calling us in when our time was up.

"Come in #9...", "What’s he saying?" so we would grab a couple of extra minutes in the rowing boat. I have many happy memories of the place, congratulations Sevvie Park! - Paul."

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