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The incident, which occurred 42 years ago today, saw Starr involved in a horrific car crash which nearly took the drummer and his wife Barbara Bach’s life. The accident took place just half a mile away from the site of Marc Bolan’s fatal car crash just three years prior.

Bolan, who was also a close friend of Ringo Starr, made the coincidence even more bizarre. Ringo, so closely affiliated with the Bolan family, is even the godfather to his son, Rolan. Thankfully, however, Ringo would not suffer the same fate.

Ringo had met his now-wife and former Bond girl, Barbara Bach, on the set of the film Caveman a few months prior to the crash. The two would then get married in a ceremony at Marylebone Town Hall a year later in 1981 and they remain married today while splitting their time between London and Los Angeles. 















Reminiscing about the formation of their relationship, Bach said: “Working, we got along fine, we spent time together, but we each had other people, our respective friends. Then, suddenly, two weeks before the end of shooting, we fell in love. We changed from friendly love to being in love, but it as just before we left Mexico. We had an on-camera love affair and somehow it just spilled over nicely into real life. It wasn’t quite love at first sight but it began to grow within days of meeting each other.”

The couple, who were were driving to a party in Surrey on May 19th, 1980, attempted to navigate their way through the fog when the catastrophic incident would occur. Ss they approached a black-spot at the Robin Hood Roundabout on the A3, a terrifying collision which would completely write off Ringo’s white Mercedes.

Ringo had to swerve, at 60 mph, to avoid hitting an oncoming lorry. His evasive action sent the couple on a fifty-yard somersaulting skid in the process which resulted in his supercar colliding head-on into two lampposts. However, despite the leg injury that Ringo suffered, he heroically pulled Barbara safety. Removing her from the car.

Both walked away from the crash, luckily, with only minor injuries. Three weeks later Bach told her father that she was going to marry Ringo .


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