Saturday 23 April 2022


The company Dad Grass has partnered exclusively with the Harrison estate for a new brand, All Things Must Grass, a play on the landmark All Things Must Pass, is a huge boost not only for Dad Grass, but for the cannabis industry as a whole.
For Dad Grass co-founders Ben Starmer and Joshua Katz having a brand partnership with Harrison is an obvious dream come true.

“George Harrison is the definition of the word 'classic.' 

The music that he made was both timely and timeless," Starmer tells me exclusively. "It crosses cultures. It crosses generations. And it seems to get better with every listen. Our humble little weed brand has only been around a couple years but our dream is that one day, 50 years from now, people will say similar things about us. 

Instead of following trends, we’re kind of a throwback to the good old days. We keep things easy and dependable. Never fancy or complicated. The way smoking grass used to be back when George recorded his 1970 Album All Things Must Pass.”

Katz explains how the look of the packaging came to be. “The creative direction for the collection centers around the 1970 album’s artwork, song lyrics, and song titles. We feel incredibly privileged to have been given the opportunity to do this with a record that we all hold so dear," he says. "Being able to take the gnomes, which are almost as present on the All Things Must Pass album cover as George himself, and bring them to life with the blessing of the estate is one example of how we translated this scary privilege into something fun and lighthearted. Hopefully, a mix of reverence and playfulness George would have enjoyed. We’re also clearly into dad jokes and puns, so we’re particularly proud of the silly play on words that we used for the collection. Just saying and seeing “All Things Must Grass” puts a smile on our faces. Being able to look at that, in the original album font no less, is a dream come true."
The collection is headlined by Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack, described in a press release as, "A pack of pre-rolled joints crafted from a mix of organic CBD and CBG hemp flower responsibly grown right in the USA. This peaceful balance of the two most enlightening cannabinoids, CBD for physical harmony and CBG for mental clarity, serves as an ode to George’s mystic blend of cultures, styles and times." 


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