Tuesday 22 March 2022




“George got stuck with being the Beatle that had to fight to get songs on records because of Lennon and McCartney,” Bob Dylan once said of Harrison. “Well, who wouldn’t get stuck?” He added: “If George had had his own group and was writing his own songs back then, he’d have been probably just as big as anybody.”

When Ringo was asked if he shared the opinion that they were basically already done before making Let It Be, he agreed that they might have still lived there . 

“George was getting a lot of independence for himself in those days,” Ringo opined. “He was writing for himself more, he wanted things to go his way. When we first started they basically went John and Paul’s way y’know because they were the writers”















Continuing: “George was finding his independence and he wouldn’t be dominated as much by Paul as he was, because in the end Paul wanted to like point out the solo to George and George would say, ‘Well, I’m a guitarist I’ll play the solo’ and he always did—he always played fine solos for what our band were.”

With tensions mounting and Harrison having already proved his songwriting chops on previous efforts, he got a little sterner in his responses just as the demands were going the other way. “It got a bit like, ‘I wrote the song, I want it this way’, whereas, earlier on it had been, ‘Well, I wrote the song, give me what you can give me’,” Ringo concludes.

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