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A demolition permit was issued last week, after owners of the 538-store resort submitted a report last December deeming it unsafe

Residents of the historic North Beach area said the demolition work Sunday morning caught them by surprise

The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Samy Davis, Jerry Lewis, and Elvis Presley were among the big names that chose the modernist hotel for their stay in Miami 
















In 1961, President John F Kennedy gave a speech to democrats in The Magic City at the Deauville
The Beatles' 1964 stay and performance at the hotel drove hundreds of fans to stand outside the hotel for hours in hopes they could see their idols.

The historic but dilapidated Miami Beach hotel - which once hosted the Beatles for their second performance on the Ed Sullivan Show and was the playground for celebrities like Frank Sinatra and President John F. Kennedy - has begun facing the wrecking ball after shutting its doors in 2017.  

Construction workers could be seen tearing down the Deauville Hotel's front entrance and famous metallic red sign on Sunday.
A demolition permit was issued last week by Miami's building and zoning department after the owners of the 538-room resort - which opened in 1957 - submitted a report last December deeming it unsafe.  

However, residents near the Collins Avenue hotel in North Beach said the demolition work caught them by surprise. City Manager Alina Hudak had issued a memo saying the hotel would need to perform asbestos remediation before knocking it down.

City officials had also ordered a 10-day notice that residents said they never received.
Business owners complained the unannounced demolitions affected their establishments.
'The way they're doing it is really disorganized,' the Norman's Tavern owner Matteo Chialastri, told The Miami Herald. 






















Chialastri said his business' outside tables had been left covered in dust, driving away customers. 

The demolition had also been appealed by the Miami Design Preservation League.  
The Deauville resort, located at 6701 Collins Avenue and once named Hotel of the Year, was designed by Melvin Grossman in a Miami Modern style and opened in 1957.
The hotel featured a beauty salon, a large swimming pool, an ice skating rink, a radio station and a wide variety of restaurants for the Miami elite.    

In November 1961, Judy Garland sang at the Deauville, before performing at The Miami Convention Hall the following night.  
In 1961, President John F Kennedy gave a speech to democrats at the Deauville.

But it was The Beatles' 1964 stay and performance at the MiMo-style hotel that drove hundreds of jittery fans to stand outside the hotel for hours in hopes they could see the Fab Four.   

Performing at the hotel's Napoleon Ballroom on the Ed Sullivan show, The Beatles sang six songs: She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me to You and I want to Hold your Hand.

The show was watched by 70 million, according to The Miami Design Preservation League.
Archive pictures show The Beatles rehearsing at the hotel's basement, relaxing on the beach near the hotel and walking through the lobby with security.

The Fab Four stayed on the Deauville's 12th floor and almost missed their introduction as crazed crowds delayed their entrance from the hotel's lobby to the Napoleon Ballroom.

'We stayed at the hotel most of the time and sort of looked down on the sand, where the kids, the fans would write 'I love you'' Paul McCarthy said of the stay, CBS reported.  

The iconic hotel was shut down in July 2017 after a fire in the hotel's electrical room and from damage caused by Hurricane Ida.

The owners, the Meruelo family, were then sued by Miami Beach in 2019 for not maintaining and neglecting the resort.

On March 9, the city issued a permit for the demolition, marking an end to the grand resort's more than 50 years of history.  

'We're in total shock right now,' Daniel Ciraldo, the executive director of the Miami Design Preservation League, told the Herald, adding that the group had been told their appeal would be heard next month.   

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