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Mary McCartney, a passionate vegetarian, mom and photographer, opens up her London kitchen to cook family favorites and fabulous vegetarian food that her famous friends adore.
Mary, 52, on her new veggie cookery show, how you get the queen to sit for a portrait and loving Beatles classic Let It Be.

What’s the idea behind your TV show, Mary McCartney Serves It Up?

It’s about giving easy meal ideas to people who are interested in eating meat-free. In each episode I have a guest as I like to cook for people.

Have you been vegetarian as long as you can remember?

Yeah, I grew up in a vegetarian family. There wasn’t as much choice in the ’70s as there is now so I had a lot of oversteamed vegetables and stuffed red peppers with couscous – I still find those hard to eat!

I ate meat when I left home and liked the taste of it but I was too conscious of how it gets to my plate.

Is there still the idea that veggie doesn’t taste very interesting?

There’s a lot of myth-busting now. I’m offering ideas rather than being too preachy or scaremongering. I don’t like people lecturing me about stuff so I don’t want to become that person.














Which TV chefs do you admire?

Jamie Oliver is pretty epic because he cares and likes to interact with people, thinking about who he’s cooking for, and he doesn’t look down on cooking plant-based meals. Now I’ve started presenting a cooking show, I realise how natural he makes it look.

Your guests on the show are your dad Sir Paul, your sister Stella, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey. If you were throwing a dinner party, what task would you give them?

My dad would be making the cocktails, the margarita recipe he likes to drink after every concert. My sister and I would be chopping and prepping.

Reese loves to do a place setting so she could make it look beautiful and Oprah would be on the playlist.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Gandhi, Einstein, Dolly Parton, Nina Simone, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder.

What’s been your worst cooking disaster?

I was making my grandma’s apple pie recipe and just before I got it into the oven, the dog got to it and ate the pastry off the top. Don’t tell anyone but I did actually just roll it out into another top and bake it because I reckoned any germs would bake off in the oven…















How did you discover your love for photography?

I was always interested but I thought everybody could take pictures because my mum made it look very easy. I was at a friend’s house and looking at her holiday pictures, and they were so badly taken!

I realised not everybody could do it so that gave me the boost to follow my passion and become a photographer.

What was your most exciting assignment?

Going to Buckingham Palace to take pictures of the Queen and mark her being our longest-reigning monarch. Portraits are nerve-racking and thrilling at the same time but they’re all about collaborating.

What is the knack of giving instructions to the Queen?

I wanted to create a setting she was comfortable in so it was about talking to her enough to direct her without annoying her and putting her off so she couldn’t be herself. She was great — very inspiring and on the ball.

Have you always been close to Stella?

Yeah, we’re close in age so we’d be each other’s company as kids when we travelled around, going for walks and making up games.

We’ve always had that bond and you can see it in the show but there’s a bit of sibling banter and jostling as well. 














You inherited your mum’s talent but are you musical like your dad?

We can all hold a note in my family and I can play some chords on the guitar but that’s about it. I’m too shy to do karaoke but maybe one day, after a few margaritas, I’ll get someone up to sing Islands In The Stream with me.

How did it feel watching your dad conjure Let It Be or Get Back out of the ether in The Beatles: Get Back?

Let It Be is poignant for me because it’s one that came to him in a dream about his mum and I’m named after her as well.

That documentary is a brilliant time capsule. I’m interested in people and relationships and it’s a real gem for that. I loved to see how all they worked together.

There were a lot of ‘hot Paul’ gifs doing the rounds…

Really?! I did not know that…

What’s next?

I’m doing a documentary marking 90 years of Abbey Road Studios, out this year, and it’s been super interesting because I grew up going there a lot.

Mary McCartney Serves It Up is available on Discovery+ .

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