Tuesday 23 November 2021


A new documentary, Borrowed Time: John Lennon, is in the works for 2022. The doc is directed by author and filmmaker Alan G. Parker, with the film's provisional poster featuring a shot of the former-Beatle outside his Dakota apartment building in Manhattan on October 13th, 1980. The copy states: “The legend you thought you knew. Think again.” No release date has been announced.

“Borrowed Time” was one of the tracks Lennon recorded during his summer 1980 Double Fantasy sessions. The track was eventually released posthumously in 1984 on the Milk And Honey album.

Alan G. Parker has been published in several leading rock magazines and written books on the Beatles, Monty Python, Status Quo, and worked at the Beatles' UK record label, EMI.

Yoko Ono told us she feels that John Lennon's status as a public artist pushed conventional boundaries and ultimately had its consequences: “He was meant to do it, I don't know. . . I think he was an inspired artist — he could not control himself about it, he just dished out all the things he was inspired to dish out, but also he was aware that it was very, very dangerous. I knew that he knew that he was playing a dangerous game. 'Gimme some truth' is what he was thinking, y'know? And so he was pushing that, to the point that it might have been dangerous — and yes it was, I mean, y'know. . . I think that probably he was too daring for his own good.” 



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