Thursday 28 October 2021


The Beatles ‘Let It Be’ 50th anniversary deluxe edition has become the number two album in Australia this week. 

‘Let It Be’ comes about a month after the expanded George Harrison ‘All Things Must Pass’. It is also the first new Beatles reissue since the ‘Abbey Road’ box in 2019.
‘Let It Be’ comes ahead of The Beatles ‘Get Back’ series on Disney+. ‘Get Back’ is a six hour redux by Peter Jackson of the 1970 ‘Let It Be’ movie.
The ‘Let It Be’ boxes give Beatles fans a far deeper insight into the records with the complete aborted ‘Get Back’ album released for the first time and two discs of Apple sessions and rehearsals not previously released.

Disc One: New mix of the original album.
Disc Two: Get Back – Apple Sessions.
Disc Three: Get Back – Rehearsals and Apple Jams
Disc Four – the unreleased Glyn Johns album
Disc Five – Let It Be EP
Disc Six – Original album on Blu-Ray.


Future Beatles box reissues are uncertain. Producer Giles Martin, son of legendary Beatles producer Giles Martin and producer in charge of the current projects told Variety, “I think there is. I think we have to do it, and I’ve said this before… If you take something like “Taxman” from “Revolver” [a track often cited for its bizarre stereo separation], “Taxman” is guitar, bass and drums on one track, and vocals and a sort of shaking and guitar solo (on the right). 
And it sounds good; they’re amazing recordings, and amazing mixes. You know, we have to look into what technology we can do to make things de-mixed and all this kind of stuff, which I’m looking into. So I’m looking for the technology to do it with, to do something really innovative with “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver,” as opposed to just a remastering job, because it’s been remastered already. So I think we will. I think we also will look at outtakes as well.

“There’s such an overwhelming desire to do something with them, by fans. And at the same time, there’s the thing in the back of your mind: There’s no point in just doing this to make money or as a sales thing, or because we’d done the others. It’s more important that we do it for the right reason. So there’s your answer: yes. If, the same as “Sgt. Pepper,” I can find a reason to do it, then yes. An actual experience reason to do it, as opposed to just because we’ve done it”.

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