Friday 1 October 2021



Paul McCartney has revealed his grandchildren moan about him playing the guitar around the house, because they would rather watch the TV.
Paul told The Mirror he insists, 'Look, people come to see me, pay money, but you're not even remotely interested.
'And they say, "Grandad, look, do you mind? We're watching this programme?"' turning down a one-to-one gig with the eighteen-time Grammy winner.
Despite the astonishing snub, the children have been known to take an interest in his musical masterpieces once they've heard it in their favourite film, with the Let It Be hitmaker crediting The Boss Baby and Sing as a few.
He added that they occasionally enjoy a bedtime rendition of a Beatles classic, however have a firm favourite in Blackbird from 1968's The White Album.
Paul's grandchildren are Miller, 16, Bailey, 14, Beckett, 13, and Reiley, 10, whose mother is his daughter Stella, 50.
His eldest daughter Mary, 52, has four sons, Arthur, 22, Elliot, 19, Sid, 13 and Sam, ten - rounding off Macca's brood.
On how lockdown has affected the childrens, Paul said, 'I think the worst thing for the kids was not going to school because they missed the personal contact with their mates. But they also had plenty of time to play football and in my case go on horse rides.'
The hysterical revelation coincides with the release of his latest children's picture book called Grandude's Green Submarine.
The new book will follow the adventures of Grandude and his grandchildren as they set off on a quest to find their music-loving grandmother, Nandude.

In a statement, Paul - who has eight grandchildren - said: 'I'm really happy with how 'Hey Grandude!' was received as this was a very personal story for me, celebrating Grandudes everywhere and their relationships and adventures with their grandchildren. 
'I love that it has become a book read to grandkids at bedtime all around the world. I always said if people liked the first book and there was an appetite for more I would write some further adventures for Grandude – so he's back and this time with his special invention, Grandude's green submarine!'

Illustrator Kathryn Durst will also return to the series to draw the pictures for the second book.

In her own statement, she added: 'I am so thrilled to be collaborating with Paul again on Grandude's Green Submarine.

'I think this is the adventure book we all need during this time, when everyone is stuck at home and longing to travel to exciting new places.

'I really enjoyed drawing the newest character in the book, Nandude, particularly because we both share a love of playing the accordion!'  
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