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The  Beatles  turntable, made by audio masters Pro-Ject and available online now.
Pro-Ject has made the limited-edition set available again.
The turntable model itself, an Essential III upgraded with an acrylic platter, was chosen with audiophiles in mind.
Fans looking to round out their vinyl setup will appreciate the richer and and more natural audio, while the multicolor base works nicely as the centerpiece for any room.
Pro-Ject’s turntable is great for spinning The Beatles, Solo or another LP. Not only does this limited-edition turntable plays at 33,45 RPM, 78 RPM it also features a Ortofon OM10 cartridge, a precision diamond cut aluminum pulley, and a built-in motor control for speed stability.

The RCA cables let you connect the turntable to your preferred speakers of choice. If you’re worried about preserving the table when you’re not using it, the turntable also comes with a dust cover so the artwork stays bright and your vinyl keep playing smoothly.
Debut S Shape- Beatles Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Universal Music Group/The Beatles are proud to release this high-end custom turntable edition In celebration of the re-release of The Beatles Singles Collection. 
A belt-drive design with precision motor control (electronic speed selection) and 8.6” S-Shaped Aluminum Arm with detachable headshell combine to make this a very flexible turntable perfect for any music lover. 
The chassis of the turntable is carefully machined from MDF to reduce unwanted vibration. The turntable’s stainless steel main bearing and precisely machined subplatter result in smooth, rumble-free rotation. Add a dense acrylic platter to eliminate unwanted vibration of the record itself and you have a fantastic performer. 
Since the Beatles Singles were re-released in both mono and stereo versions, two phono cartridges are included- an Ortofon 2M RED for playback of Stereo records, and the excellent Pro-Ject Pick-It Mono (designed and Manufactured by Ortofon) for proper playback of Mono records. Each cartridge is factory installed on a high quality detachable headshell for quick and easy removal and installation. The beautiful graphic on the turntable’s plinth features images of many of the Beatles best loved singles- truly a dream turntable for any music lover or Beatles fan! 

Based on our award winning Debut III model it features the following elements and upgrades:

  • Electronic speed change (33/45/78)
  • 8,6” Aluminium S-shaped tonearm with 2 SME Headshells each with its own pre-calibrated cartridge: easily change headshells to switch between mono and stereo record playback
  • The two included cartridges are: a new Pro-Ject designed, Ortofon manufactured Pick it Mono for mono record playback and an Ortofon 2M Red for stereo record playback
  • Heavy acrylic platter
  • Features:

  • 8,6” S-shape aluminium tonearm with 2 included SME Headshells + preadjusted cartridges
  • Ortofon 2M Red and Pro-Ject designed, Ortofon manufactured Pick it Mono included
  • Electronic speed switch for 33/45 & 78rpm
  • Heavy non resonant acrylic platter
  • Heavy MDF plinth with handpainted high gloss finish
  • DC power supply with DC/AC motor control board for accurate speed stability
  • TPE motor suspension
  • Handmade in the EU

    Additional Mono cartridge and headshell included

    Easily change headshells to switch between mono and stereo record playback 






















    The Beatles 1964 Recordplayer - a true collector‘s item!This special collaboration between Pro-Ject Audio Systems and the Universal Music Group features one of the most influencing artists of all time The Beatles! 

    The turntable used is one of the most sold audiophile turntables in the world: Debut Carbon Esprit SB! It features high quality and audiophile components, such as an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, a precision aluminium pulley, an electronic speed control, top notch MDF chassis, an acrylic platter or a completely redesigned motor control. 

    Its sound is both thrilling and relaxing, musical and detailed just like the music from The Beatles, therefore they are perfect partners in crime. The artwork shows copies of tickets from their legendary worldtour in 1964.

    • Limited edition turntable based on Debut Carbon Esprit SB
    • 8,6” carbon tonearm and Ortofon 2M red cartridge pre-mounted
    • Chassis made of resonance in-sensitive MDF, Low tolerance platter bearing & stainless steel spindle
    • Built-in precision Speed Box with switch on upper side, Integrated DC-powered motor control minimizes motor vibration and guarantees speed stability
    • Special decoupling feet, Dust cover included 
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