Monday 26 July 2021



“I wasn’t crazy impressed with the Beatles when I first heard them,” The Who’s Pete Townshend shared with Rolling Stone in 2019. “But I loved them”.

“I did love them,” he continues. “They were joyful, they were funny. They were more a pop group than I would have liked [but] they had this incredible image. They were delightful, absolutely delightful. I suppose the first song [I heard] would have been ‘Please Please Me,'” Townshend recalls. “[But] what really blew him away was single ‘Day Tripper ‘and b-side ‘Paperback Writer.'”

“I just thought, wow, these two songs are really great,” he enthuses. “They weren’t about falling in love, they weren’t about girls, girls, girls. They were about jobs, creativity. They were interesting songs those two,” Townshend then poignantly reflected, “And it was then I realised they were going to do great things.”

Even when Townshend is praising The Beatles, he can’t resist throwing in a medley of backhanded compliments such as suggesting that most of their songs lacked sustenance. However, The Who guitarist clearly adores the band and has changed his opinion from 1966.


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