Tuesday, 29 June 2021


The Beatles have sold over 1.6 billion singles in the United States alone and 177 million albums, with worldwide album sales topping 600 million.


With numbers like that to his name, it is simply impossible for Paul McCartney not to have influenced every bassist that has followed, at the very least in some far-removed nebulous sense. However, even heroes have a hero, and Paul McCartney is no different.  

In an interview with Tony Bacon, first published on Reverb, Paul McCartney was more than happy to reveal just how much the cult figure influenced his style. “[Bass playing] became a bit more skilful, yeah,” he said. “I wouldn’t personally credit myself, but thanks for that. But part of it, I think James Jamerson, him and me, I’d share the credit there. I was nicking a lot off him.”

Later adding that, as was the case for many other fans, Jamerson was a faceless sound to him for a lot of years. “James Jamerson became just my hero, really. I didn’t actually know his name until quite recently. James was very melodic, and that got me more interested.”
And the other bassist who McCartney took inspiration from was Brian Wilson. “Actually, he and Brian Wilson were my two biggest influences,” he added. “James just because he was so good and melodic. Brian because he went to very unusual places. Brian would use, if you were playing in C, he might stay on the G a lot just to hold it all back, and I started to realize the power you had within the band.”

With a triumvirate of Brain Wilson, James Jamerson and Paul McCartney himself in the mix, you’ve just about encapsulated the sound of the sixties and some of the most seminal basslines that have ever been laid down.

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