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The Beatles had 20 Number One hits in America. The group recorded more than 200 songs in their eight years together. They also produced their own movies such as A Hard Day’s Night, Help, and Magical Mystery Tour.

There have been many movies made about them since including Birth of the Beatles, Backbeat, and George Harrison: Living in the Material World, and others inspired by them. In 2021, Beatles fans can look forward to another film sharing never-before-seen footage of the group through their eight-year run.

The Beatles broke up, officially, in 1970. In the half-century since, there have been numerous books and films about The Beatles. The film “Let it Be,” was particularly unsettling to Paul McCartney.

In 2021 there is a new movie coming, one that should be upbeat. Director Peter Jackson of Lord of The Rings fame started the project last year. While the timing was a bit hampered by the coronavirus, Jackson and his team are working in New Zealand, known for nipping the virus in the bud.

The Beatles: Get Back is being assembled from “56 hours of previously unseen footage of the band”. There are 150 hours of audio also available for the film to draw from.

The footage is described as the story of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Star, “when the Fab Four were preparing for their first live show in two years,” filmed in 1969. It reveals the band practicing 14 new songs and will include the group’s last live performance, held in London.

 “I was very happily surprised when Peter Jackson told me he’d been reviewing the unseen 56 hours of footage and he found it to be entertaining and upbeat.” Paul, too, is upbeat about it, saying he has since seen some clips. “It’s pretty exciting, I must say. Crazy!”
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