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After The Beatles split up in 1970 they all went their own ways. Not only did George Harrison and Ringo Starr kickstart their solo careers, but John Lennon wrote and performed with the Plastic Ono Band at the same time as well. Paul McCartney did something very similar by starting his own band with wife Linda McCartney, a project he called Wings.

Silly Love Songs is a love-filled ballad with a rhythmic bass line that was played often by Paul's band while on tour.
Speaking out about the song at the time, McCartney explained he was "inviting his audience to have a laugh on him".
He went on: "Over the years people have said: 'Aw, he sings love songs, he writes love songs, he's so soppy at times.'"
McCartney continued: "I thought, well, I know what they mean, but, people have been doing love songs forever. I like 'em, other people like 'em, and there's a lot of people I love.

"I'm lucky enough to have that in my life. So the idea was that you may call them silly, but what's wrong with that?"

He added: "The song was, in a way, to answer people who just accuse me of being soppy.

"The nice payoff now is that a lot of the people I meet who are at the age where they've just got a couple of kids and have grown up a bit, settling down, they'll say to me: 'I thought you were really soppy for years, but I get it now! I see what you were doing!'"

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