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THE BEATLES inspired countless bands but one of Paul McCartney's pseudonyms from the early days of the Fab Four's tours inspired the name of one iconic rock band from the 1970s.

When The Beatles were just starting out they were extremely popular. Although their fame had only taken hold of Great Britain during the early 1960s, they were still being chased down by their fans. This meant that when the likes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon checked into hotels they were forced to use fake names to avoid any unwanted notice. It was one of these names that brought about one of the first punk rock bands of all time, the Ramones.
Each of the Ramones' members adopted the surname Ramone as a tribute to Paul.

One of the band's founding members, drummer Marky Ramone, recalled the story years later in an interview.

He said the inspiration came from the band's bassist, Dee Dee Ramone.

He revealed: "The Beatles used to tour … before they were The Beatles, they were called The Silver Beatles, and all the girls running after them, even the guys."
Marky went on: "So the next thing you know, Paul McCartney would sign into a hotel room as Paul Ramon.
"Dee Dee looked at this and said: ‘Let’s call ourselves The Ramones.'”

Johnny Ramone told a similar version of the story, saying: "Paul would check into a hotel using the name Paul Ramon. Dee Dee was a big fan, so he changed his name to Dee Dee Ramone. We decided to call the band the Ramones.”

After this, every member of the band put Ramone in their stage names, despite not being actually related.
Marky went on to quash rumours that there was a different way the band found their name.

He revealed: "There’s another story, too: they opened up the phone book and threw a dart at it - that didn’t happen."

However, he did confirm that The Beatles kickstarted his interest in drumming.

Speaking to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Marky said he first saw The Beatles on TV at 8-years-old.
Marky added: "Yeah it was Ringo who inspired me."

The connection between The Beatles and the Ramones didn't stop there.

The punk band's first album, Ramones, was musically produced in a similar way to that of The Beatles' music.

They also wanted to emulate the album cover of the band's record Meet The Beatles! from 1964.
However, after getting some portraits taken, the band said the results came out "horribly".

Because of this, the Ramones eventually made their debut album cover a deadpan photograph of all four members.


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