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4th July
Studio 2 (control room only). 10.00am-1.00pm. Editing: 'She Loves You' (of takes unknown). Mono mixing: 'She Loves You' (from edit of unknown take number); 'Get You In The End' (working title of 'I'll Get You') (from unknown take number). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: unknown; 2nd Engineer: unknown. End of sessions for 'She Loves You'/'I'll Get You'. 
1.00-1.30pm. BBC's 'The Beat Show' broadcast (recorded 3 July 1963). The session took place at Manchester's Playhouse Theatre. The Beatles rehearsed from 4pm, and the show was recorded in front of a studio audience from 8-9pm. They performed three songs: From Me To You, A Taste Of Honey and Twist And Shout.

The Beatles with Peter Asher see for the second time the Rolling Stones, performing at 'The Scene', 41 Great Windmill Street, London.

The Beatles return to England.
Front page of 'Domenica del Corriere', weekly magazine of the Italian newspaper 'Corriere della sera': 'La calata dei Beatles'.

Brian decides that the Beatles should not attend a reception organized by Imelda Marcos.
4.00pm. Concert at the Araneta Collosseum, Manila.
8.30pm. Concert at the Araneta Collosseum, Manila. 

Studio 2. 7.00pm-2.15am. Recording: 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' (overdub onto take 4, tape reduction take 4 into take 5, overdub onto take 5). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush. 

Studio 2. 2.45-5.30pm. Recording: 'Golden Slumbers' (working title of 'Golden Slumbers'/'Carry That Weight') (overdub onto take 17). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Phil McDonald; 2nd Engineer: Chris Blair.
Listening, through the mixing console and the studio speakers, of the Wimbledon ladies tennis final, live on BBC Radio 2. Anne Jones (UK) beating Billy-Jean King in 3 sets (71 minutes). 
UK single release: 'Give Peace A Chance'/'Remember Love'. 1st commercial Beatle solo single. 


'Live Peace In Toronto', 26th week in the ranking (Billboard). 

Ringo plays for the Beach Boys in Long Beach, during a US tour, played surfing tunes and the Beatles hit 'Back in the U.S.S.R' to more than 500,000 cheering fans blanketing the Washington Monument grounds. Ringo told reporters: 'Happy birthday. Sorry we lost,' referring to England's defeat in the Revolutionary War.

Allen Klein died. In 2004 Klein was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He died in New York City. The cause of his death was respiratory failure. Yoko Ono and Sean Ono Lennon attended Klein's funeral.

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