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The depicted advertising poster is from 1967 and concerns the album – landmark of the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ». The only single poster appeared before the release of the album for a few days in the window of the HMV store in London, says Gary Zimet, Moments in Time’s rare item marketer, according to Page Six. The poster is sold for $ 54,000

“What makes this piece unique is the fact that the Beatles are shaded in black so that it does not look which band is in the poster before the release of the album. Paul, due to uncertainty that the album might be selling thanks to the name Beatles, wanted to hide that LP band “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band “were the Beatles, he explains.
Later, band members changed their minds and George himself said the idea was “silly”. The poster was taken out of the store by Apple Records, later moved to John’s office for some time, and subsequently held by Derek Taylor’s public relations officer.
After some in house discussion Apple employee Alistair Taylor asked a young, unpaid, occasional office boy “get that fuckin’ thing out of the window before Paul puts us out of business for good.” It was delivered to the Apple offices that very afternoon by this young man who performed odd jobs as a fan who simply hung around the offices in hopes of meeting his hero’s.  Much later, in the Savile Row Apple offices the poster was, for a time, in John Lennon’s office against a wall. After arriving from California and a stint working for the Byrds, PR man Derek Taylor took possession by default, of the by then long forgotten one of a kind graphic.
(Quote from interview with Alistair Taylor with author Geoffrey Giuliano, 1986)

The eighth album of the Beatles “Sgt Peppers” was released 50 years ago on June 1, 1967 through the recording company Parlophone in Europe and the “Capitol” in America. Under the guidance of their producer George Martin, the Beatles combined psychedelics, classical music, rock and musical and the album was a huge success.
The “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band »won the Grammy Award of 1968  as album of the year, Best Cover, Best Soundtrack and Best Voice. On the cover, there are timeless celebrities, including Fred Aster, Oscar Wilde, Shellley Temple, Marlon Brando.
39 inches by 27 inches
Very Good
Printed on thick cardboard

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