Wednesday 1 February 2017


A set of Sgt Pepper suits are going on show at the Beatles Story to mark the 50th anniversary of the seminal album.
The suits were made in 2000 by Noel Howard, one of the team responsible for the original 1967 outfits worn by the Beatles on the record cover. 

The Fab Four originals were kept by the band members and their estates, and have never been on show together since.
Noel Howard created the replica suits with the exact materials, measurements and accessories in 2000.
They are one of a number of new artefacts connected with the album which are going on display as part of golden anniversary celebrations this year.
The Albert Dock attraction is also showcasing an alternative print of the album cover, which was also created by Sir Peter Blake, but which was discounted in favour of the famous image which was eventually chosen.
The alternative Sgt Pepper album cover image going on show at The Beatles Story
The alternative uses the familiar collage backdrop to the original, but makes some small alterations including the positions of each Beatle, and the print going on show is one of only 100 given to senior EMI executives in 1987 to mark the record’s 20th anniversary.
A limited edition reproduction of the poster which inspired Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! is also set to be put on display.

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