Friday 17 February 2017


A pair of John’s sunglasses which he stamped on in a fit of rage and threw in the bin have emerged at auction.
Luckily his uncle Charlie Lennon fetched them out of a bin and had them repaired and they are now tipped to sell for £3,500.
The circular, metal framed glasses were owned by Lennon in the 1970s, post-Beatles , and are accompanied by a fascinating letter from Charlie Lennon explaining the incident in which they were broken.
An irate Lennon, according to the letter, stamped on his glasses after an unhappy phone call and chucked them in the bin.
His uncle, who died in 2002, decided to salvage the glasses from the bin and had them repaired.
A pair of John Lennon's sunglasses which he stamped on in a fit of rage
The letter reads: “The glasses were stamped on by John whilst in an argument with someone on my phone in London.
“The lenses shattered and I retrieved them from the bin because I felt he (John) could have them repaired.
“The boy had a temper - but I thought it was a silly waste of money.”
The uncle’s anecdote paints a different picture of a more volatile Lennon than the man who is remembered for his bed-ins for peace with his wife Yoko Ono in protest at the Vietnam War.
A letter from John's uncle Charlie
The glasses have belonged to a memorabilia collector from Yorkshire for several years who has decided now is the time to move them on.
Angus Ashworth, specialist at York-based Ryedale Auctioneers who are selling the glasses, said: “The letter from the uncle describes John Lennon on the phone to what may have been a producer in London.
“They had a bit of an argument and he had a tantrum and smashed his glasses, which his uncle salvaged from his bin.
“There is still massive demand for Beatles and particularly John Lennon memorabilia, especially in the United States.
“These are a pair of iconic, circular sunglasses with a white metal frame.
“The vendor has had them for several years and has collected related memorabilia for quite a while but has got to the point the time is right to move them on.”
The auction takes place on February 17.

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