Tuesday 15 November 2016


Entrance to Abbey Road Studios today 

Abbey Road Studios, the world famous recording studio, is celebrating its 85th anniversary by launching its first ever series of carefully curated Spotify playlists.
As the world’s first purpose-built recording studio, Abbey Road Studios has been home to many landmark recordings in pop music, rock, film scores and classical music since it opened its doors back in 1931.
The playlists take listeners on a musical journey through the recording history of the iconic studio, from the very first Abbey Road classical recording with Sir Edward Elgar, to The Beatles’ most famous songs from the 1960s with Sir George Martin, right through to contemporary tracks by artists such as Frank Ocean, James Blake and Ellie Goulding.
Curated by the team at Abbey Road Studios including its music library team, and sequenced by Abbey Road Studios engineers, the playlists showcase different genres, eras and milestone tracks. The playlists are divided into Studio One, Studio Two and Studio Three and show the sheer scope of music recorded in all three studios over the years. Abbey Road promises that tracks will constantly be added to offer a comprehensive, evolving overview of Abbey Road Studios’ recording timeline while the listening experience will be enhanced with audio and blogs providing crucial detail on the landmark recordings.

Sir George Martin recorded the Beatles iconic albums at Abbey Road. 

London’s Abbey Road Studios has seen some of the greatest music artists and composers step across its threshold over the last 85 years. Attracted by its rich heritage, cutting-edge recording facilities and expert engineers, many of these musicians see Abbey Road Studios as an unique and inspirational location in which to record their music.

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