Friday 28 October 2016


A  vintage amplifier used on classic Beatles albums Sergeant Pepper and Revolver has been given a new lease of life at a Whitworth recording studio.

Chris Hewitt, the man behind the Deeply Vale music festivals, who ran a music shop in Rochdale during the 70s and 80s, got his hands on the amp while working on a Joy Division exhibition with the band’s bassist Peter Hook.
But it was only when it was sent for repair, after Hooky blew it up, that its history as a Beatles studio amp was discovered.

Chris said: “He borrowed it and blew it up.
“The repair man could only see it under a certain light, but it had scratched on it ‘Beatles studio amp’.
“He had it under a spotlight looking at it and it was scratched on under all the grime and dirt.”
After undertaking research on the amp, including looking through old photographs and carrying out a check of its history, Chris was able to confirm it was the one used by George Harrison on some of the Fab Four’s most celebrated work.

Chris has his guitars repaired by Michael Eastwood, guitarist in the band Kelly’s Heroes

And when the band came to record their new EP For the Years to Come at Studio-Studio, in Spodden Mill, Chris agreed to let them use the amp on the record.
The three-piece group, also featuring Louis Green and Eoin Kelly, have used it on four new songs, including Beneath These Eyes, as well as version of The Beatles’ I Saw Her Standing There.
Chris Hewitt with the vintage amp that was once owned and used by The Beatles. 


Michael, 26, says using a piece of rock n roll history on the EP was a particular thrill for one member of the band.
He said: “Eoin has been a Beatles fan since he was very, very young, he’s absolutely mad on the Beatles, so I knew he would like it.
“We’ve all become Beatles fans as a result of exposure due to Eoin.
“It was very loud.
“I don’t know what wattage it was but to try to get it down to a recording level was interesting!
“You could hear it in predominantly over everything else.
“But it was great, it certainly looks the part and sounds great and we had lots of different guitars to use through it.”

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