Saturday 24 September 2016


‘Great Day’ is the fourteenth and final song on Paul’s solo album Flaming Pie. The track is a mellow yet upbeat acoustic number that he and Linda used to perform “sitting around the kitchen or when the children were dancing”. 


The candlelit evenings in Long Island, enforced by Hurricane Bob in August 1991, not only led Paul to write ‘Calico Skies’ but also found him plucking this one from the memory vault. So, a year later, in the same Sussex session that he recorded his new number with George Martin, Paul also committed ‘Great Day’ to tape for the first time (despite its years), not changing a hair of the arrangement or lyric. 
Paul says:
“It’s just a little upbeat song of hope – to the point and in the spirit of this whole album.” 
A point illustrated perfectly by the opening lyrics, which although energetic in meaning are toned down by the pace and tone of the guitar. 
“When you’re wide awake
Say it for goodness sake
While you’re standing there
Get up and grab a chair,
It’s gonna be a great day”
Check out the full track below:

Did You Know? Linda McCartney provides backing vocals on the track
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