Wednesday 7 September 2016


In September of 1966, John Lennon came to this countryside to partake in a film of his own, Richard Lester’s satirical “How I Won the War.” On the trip he brought his guitar, and in a corner hostel room on the beach near Almería (Hostal Delfín Verde),he began to pick out the chords and lyrics to one of the most recognizable classics in the history of popular music. 

Outside Hostal Delfin Verde. John stayed there, Room 3 where he wrote lyrics to Strawberry Fields Forever. 

Beatles fans from Almeria, Spain, has arranged a whole programme of music, talk and trips in order to celebrate the stay of John Lennon in this southern Spanish city during six weeks of 1966, while he played a role in How I won the war. 

"This is very important for us and want to share with all the Beatles fans mates across the world, since SFF is a very special song among the  favourites of many friends"J. Adolfo Iglesias said,Beatles author who in 1999 discovered Santa Isabel villa,the abandoned house where John recorded some demos of the song and who has recently been invited to talk by the Beatlesweek in Liverpool.All Beatles fans are encouraged to record video smartphone messages sending their greetings to Almeria and feelings about SFF to or Javier Adolfo Iglesias facebook page.

John, How I Won the War, 1966

After a short stint at the Green Dolphin, John moved to a bigger, more accommodating dwelling for himself and his new entourage of party guests, which included his then-wife Cynthia and Ringo, among others. The Santa Isabel, a 19th-century mansion, was a spacious building with a belvedere flooded with natural light and a view of the distant sea, and it was where the John’s development of “Strawberry Fields Forever” continued.

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