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Their final concert, 50 years ago on 29th August, 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. 

The Beatles gave their final full concert at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966. A rough recording of most of the concert was left unreleased, although the audio has leaked on to the internet. The recording cuts off during the last minute of the concert, interrupting "Long Tall Sally". 

The Beatles had not announced that this was to be their last concert, and if the foursome themselves knew, it was a closely guarded secret. In fact, much of the existing film footage of the concert was captured in color by a 15-year-old Beatles fan, Barry Hood. A relatively small amount of black-and-white footage was shot by local TV news in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Hood released some of his film in a limited edition documentary titled The Beatles Live In San Francisco. But more of Hood's rare footage remains in a vault, unseen by the public, now 48 years later. On August 14, 2014, former Beatle Paul returned one last time to become the closing act of Candlestick Park's long history. McCartney's performance was within days of being 48 years after the Beatles played their famous last concert at Candlestick. riter”.

This was the Beatles' last concert tour appearance ever, a 33-minute performance at San Francisco's Candlestick Park on Monday August 29, 1966. The Park's capacity was 42,500 but the Beatles only filled 25,000 seats, leaving entire sections of unsold seats. 

  • The performance was taped by Tony Barrow at Paul's request and is available in bootleg format. The last song was truncated because the recorder ran out of tape. Just before leaving the stage, John teasingly strummed the opening guitar notes of "In My Life".  

  • Songs performed at the show: 

    01.  “Rock and Roll Music”
    02.  “She’s a Woman”
    03.  “If I Needed Someone”
    04.  “Day Tripper”
    05.  “Baby’s In Black”
    06.  “I Feel Fine”
    07.  “Yesterday”
    08.  “I Wanna Be Your Man”
    09.  “Nowhere Man”
    10.  “Paperback Writer”
    11.  “Long Tall Sally”

    Paul McCartney apologized to the crowd for the weather, noting it was 'a bit chilly.' - See more at:

    Paul McCartney apologized to the crowd for the weather, noting it was 'a bit chilly.' - See more at:

    Spectators watch the Beatles perform at Candlestick Park on 29 August, 1966: 

      Long Tall Sally was the last song played by the Beatles at their very last live show, which was held at Candlestick Park. Paul McCartney played it at the last event at Candlestick Park before its demolition.

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