Friday 1 July 2016


Paul once hired Star Trek’s creator to write a film about bands in space.


Paul once wanted to make a space film about his band Wings. He was a fan of Star Trek and asked its creator Gene Roddenberry to pen a galactic story about the band, according to a titbit in new book The Fifty-Year Mission: The Complete Uncensored, Unauthorised Oral History Of Star Trek – The First 25 Years.
In an excerpt of the book in The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that there were plans for Macca and Gene to team up.
Gene’s executive assistant Susan Sackett said: “Paul contacted him and was a Star Trek fan. He invited us to a concert, which was great, and we met backstage.

“Paul hired Gene to write a story about the band and it was a crazy story. Paul gave him an outline and Gene was supposed to do something with it. It was bands from outer space and they were having a competition.”
However, as talk grew about bringing back Star Trek, the plan fell by the wayside and Gene never completed his tale.
Susan said: “I have no idea whatever happened to that. It’s probably stuck in a file, like the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.”

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