Tuesday, 26 April 2016


With a gentle kiss on the cheek, it is a touching image of sisterly love.
And posing together for a magazine shoot, Stella and Mary McCartney’s bond is clear to see.
Speaking of her photographer sister, who took the picture for Vanity Fair, fashion designer Stella, 44, said: ‘Between her and me, we make 100 percent of our mum, and that makes my heart warm.'

Stella and Mary star in a special edition of the magazine about sisters and their relationships.
Stella’s clothes have been worn by celebrities including Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.

Meanwhile Mary, 46, has exhibited her work around the world and taken portraits of stars such as Sam Taylor-Wood, Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law.

She can trace her love of photography back to their mother, who died in 1998, and has recalled how she and Stella would sit in their parent’s room and take photographs as children.
She once said: ‘I was quite a late blossomer. Stella was always sketching designs in bed, obsessed with fashion. But I was, like, "I don’t really know what to do".
'And I think it was partly because everyone in my family could take pictures, so I just presumed everyone could do that. 
'And I grew up watching mum taking them, and it seemed quite natural to her’.
Both now mothers of four, Mary is married to her second husband, director Sam Aboud, while Stella is wed to Alasdhair Willis, a boss at Hunters boots and recently voted one of Britain’s best dressed men.

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