Friday 12 February 2016


Paul worked with the superstar rapper last year on the tracks 'All Day', 'Only One' and 'FourFiveSeconds', which also featured Rihanna, and although he readily admits Kanye is an offbeat character he considers him an ''amazing talent'' and he has a lot of respect for him.
Discussing his time working with Kanye - who has just finished his latest album 'The Life of Pablo' - Paul said: ''Well, you know, he's an amazing talent. He's a crazy cat with it, but I love him. He's very talented. He has a completely different way of working from how I work, so it was very different. It's interesting. Really all I did was just threw a load of ideas at him and then left him to get on with it. And he just gradually sent me these tracks, one of which, 'All Day', is nominated for a Grammy, Song of the Year kind of thing. And that came from a melody I showed him and a story I told him about this thing. And whereas it was a kind of quite a pretty melody that I'd given him, it came back as sort of an urban anthem riff. But it was just intriguing to see that that's what came of our collaboration. Another thing was the Rihanna song 'FourFiveSeconds' came out of it. And then Kanye's 'Only One', which came off the back of something we were just talking about.''

Paul, 73, admits he did approach his collaborations with Kanye, 38, with some nervousness.
But ultimately experimenting in his work and trying new things is what the rock legend believes keeps him interested in music and the world.

Paul added to website Noisey: ''I worked with Kanye and for a second I thought, 'Is this something I want to do, ought to do?' So I thought about it and then it's like, 'Why not?' If nothing, he's an interesting character ... This is the great thing about all this, it just keeps you fresh.''

'All Day' has been nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards which take place in Los Angeles next Monday (15.02.16).

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