Friday 8 January 2016


Every Friday the legendary and inimitable Yoko Ono runs a Reddit-style "Ask Me Anything" question and answer session via her social media accounts. The major topic of this week's discussion, of course, was New Year's Eve. ..How does the legendary performer spend NYE these days? And how did she spend them with late husband, John Lennon? ...


-How would you and John spend the new year celebration? —Albaliz Irizarry
Yoko Ono: "By going to the window open to Central Park where the fireworks start at midnight…Thinking we are such a lucky couple."

-What is your fave New Years Eve memory? —Liz Edwards ‏
YO: "Just last night with Sean and about 9 friends went to the park to see the fireworks start just in time. They were all incredibly talented and creative musicians who happen to be very nice people as well. Each time another firework goes off, we shouted “Yay!" Pretty soon we noticed that people other than us were very quiet. So we felt guilty that we were so loud, and hush hushed each other. Walking home in the snow was very special, because I always watched fireworks from our apartment with the family. This was the first time we started to actually stand in the park to watch. It was great! I immediately got a cold from it, but anyway…."

-How can someone not let bullying effect them and learn to love themselves instead as believing they are worthless, ugly and stupid?—Mary Rose
YO: "[Two] bullies [in my class] tried to charm the girls. But when we ignored them, the two could not stand it and kept threatening us. Which made [the] two sensitive and couragous [sic] guys who were buried in their books raise their heads and see what was going on. They told the bullies to stop being nasty to the girls. We got together with the two guys and told the bullies to leave. They seemed to have gotten scared of us and left, and never came back. I'm not saying that will work in our society now, but I'm just letting you know what we did."

-Which kind of space is the most important? —PhilosophyGold
YO: The space that allows you to be free.

-Did you drink champagne and dance on any tables last night, Yoko Ono? Happy new year!!! Much love, with wishes for peace, of course !!!!! —D.J. Jeschke
YO: "I didn't drink champagne ‘cause I quit drinking when I had Kyoko, but I did everything else—dancing in the white room plus giving a concert…"

-Have you made any New Year resolutions this year? —Shana
YO: "I made the usual affirmation again. Last year, it did not work. So let's see if it will this year."

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