Saturday 2 January 2016


The 47-year-old activist has always raised 12-year-old Beatrice - her child with ex-husband Paul McCartney - on an animal product-free diet and claims this has kept her much healthier than her classmates, as well as taller and faster.
Heather said: "Her whole life she's been vegan. And unlike the kids at school she doesn't get sick, she doesn't get colds.
"They just don't understand it, the same parents she has been at school with for seven years will ask me what to feed the kids, whereas before they frowned upon the fact that I was bringing up a child that's completely vegan.
"Now she's the tallest and fastest of all the boys and girls. Now they're asking me what they're feeding her because she's like a vegan grow-bag. She's really healthy."
And Heather - who always takes snacks for her and Beatrice when the go to parties - admits her daughter's friends are always shocked when they realise the food they have just eaten is meat-free.
She said: "A lot of the play dates the kids come round to my house and I say to the kids 'What do you fancy to eat?' And they say 'Ooh whatever' so I do vegan duck or vegan chicken or a nice Sunday afternoon roast with some vegan gammon.
"They don't even know it's vegan until they go 'Isn't that nice that your mum made us a burger, and then she goes 'Well it's not a real burger, it's just a vegan burger.' And they're like 'What? But it was a real burger! She had chicken nuggets,' and we go 'But they weren't real chicken nuggets anyway.'
"Basically the kids don't know any different."


  1. Vegan Food isn't healthy enough for the little Child! There is a Lack of Vitamin B12 for Example!

  2. Children should be allowed too choose what they what to eat not be forced by there own parents way of eating