Thursday 24 December 2015


Paul has been in touch to wish everyone a Merry Christmas: 

“I’m very excited that the holiday’s coming up. A little bit conscious of the fact that I’m going to over-eat and over-drink... probably. But that’s ok!
I’m looking forward to being with the family. Spending a lot of time with the folks. Just putting my feet up, watching a bit of telly, and watching the kids – particularly the younger ones, they’re an entertainment in themselves!
I send my best wishes to everyone over the holidays. Hope they have a nice happy, peaceful time with lots of lovely pressies!
Love Paul”

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas Sir Paul: to you and your loved ones. Take a rest and enjoy yourself. Thanks for the great gift of The Beatles' and your MUSIC! Fabulous. God Bless.