Sunday 25 October 2015


Tara Horan has a lot to be excited about. She recently discovered that she is pregnant with her first child, but said it has been torturous to keep the news a secret, especially from her mother.
She wanted to make the birth announcement in a creative way, and then it hit her – what if she could have her No. 1 idol make the announcement for her?
Horan has been a huge Beatles fan since she was a little girl.  She credits her mother with introducing her to the music that would go on to have a profound impact on her life throughout her teen years and into adulthood. She even has a tattoo of the Fab Four on her arm.When Horan talks about all the McCartney concerts that she and her mother have been to – and they’ve been to many -- she gets a little teary-eyed and her passion for the music is apparent.
For Horan, this wasn’t just a music fan meeting her favorite musician, it was truly a dream come true -- getting to share the most exciting news of her entire life with the help of her favorite Beatle.
Horan knew she would need a little help from her mom if she was going to pull it off. So, right before the concert she was finally able to tell her mother the happy news. Her mother was immediately on board with her daughter's announcement plan, so the two took to making a sign in their hotel room. The sign read “Paul, will you take a pregnancy announcement picture with me?” They headed out to the show, fingers crossed, hoping for a bit more luck in what already felt like such a special occasion.
Horan said she was flabbergasted when the sign worked. Sir Paul motioned for the nervous mom-to-be to come up on stage with him, and after joking around about the sign he asked, “Is this true?”
“Yes, I just told my mom today!” Tara can be heard exclaiming on the video while dancing and waving her arms in the air.
“Hey everybody, she’s preggers!” Paul said excitedly to the crowd of thousands.
Horan said she still can’t believe it really happened and that she looks forward to sharing the story with her child one day. If her experiences are any reflection of the Beatles lyrics that have been the soundtrack of her life, one could definitely say that she gets by with a little help from her friends, and maybe this time, a little bit of luck, a big announcement, a Beatle, her mother's support and a cardboard sign sure helped out as well.

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