Thursday 22 October 2015


"Do Rio A Abbey Road" by Lizzie Bravo will be released in November 2015 (Portuguese edition) the english language version will be available early next year. 

The book : 300 pages, 210 unpublished Beatles photos, Hardcover 23cmx23cm
Order your book (Portuguese edition only) you can be contacted by e-mail to:

On 4 February 1968 she got her wish - and also carved out a place in pop music history by singing backing vocals on a version of  John Lennon's song "Across the Universe". The story, which she recaps in an upcoming memoir From Rio to Abbey Road is amazing, she explains that the encounter unfolded in quite a surreal way. 

"We were outside the studio as usual. Paul simply came outside and asked if any of us could hold a high note, I immediately raised my arm, as I was a soprano at my school choir back in Rio de Janeiro. But I had no idea why Paul asked that."

Lizzie and Gayleen Pease (Beatle fan) were escorted to the legendary Studio Two. John, Paul, George and Ringo were there recording this song. "All of a sudden I was hearing instructions from Paul and John about the part they needed us to sing. I was sharing the same microphone as Paul and John, who had always been my favourite Beatle." Lizzie said.

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